5 Beginner Booty Moves for Glorious Glutes


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The recent pop culture obsession with the derriere aside, there are a huge range of reasons for making glutes gains. Not only will you be able to jump higher, stand taller and run faster, but you'll also experience fewer lower-body aches and pains when you engage your rear. And, bonus: Increasing lean muscle mass anywhere also ups your calorie burn when you're at rest.

Luckily, you can feel the booty burn without using a bunch of fancy equipment. SparkPeople.TV has a wide variety of lower-body videos, many of which call for nothing more than a little sweat and your own bodyweight. Go ahead and give these well-rounded routines a go!

Core Fusion: Glutes
In just 10 minutes, Exhale's Fred and Elisabeth show you how to focus on your glutes without having to suffer through a single squat. All you need is a chair and a little leg room to engage and build strong muscles. 

Balance and Glute Strength
Grab your mat and clear a place on the floor as Andrea Metcalf leads you through stability and balance challenges including bridge lifts and leg circles. At the end of the short, but intense workout, you can enjoy a nice full-body nap--er--we mean stretch. 

Body by Bethenny: Booty Bonus
Bethenny and her training partner, Kristin McGee, show you a fast, do-anywhere backside sculpting routine that really works. Watch it once, then take these tips on the road. You can sculpt and strengthen anywhere you find yourself standing with nothing to do—in line at the supermarket, at the airport or the kids' soccer games.  
Pilates: Booty Lift   
Join Andrea Metcalf as she leads you through several Pilates exercises that tackle your glutes, while being gentle on your knees. In just five minutes, you could be feeling the glorious glute burn. 

Stability Ball Burn: Glutes
Mix up your rear workout with a stability ball. Trainer Gerren Liles shows you how to sculpt and strengthen with glutes bridges and powerful twists that engage the whole core. At a runtime of just 5:31, consider working through it twice! 

Do you have a favorite glutes exercise? Head over to SparkPeople.TV to discover even more workout routines!

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