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SparkPeople.com is a 100% free site, but a couple years ago, we created an online store to help satisfy member demand for SparkPeople goods. You asked us for T-shirts, workout DVDs and more, so we delivered not only those items, but additional things as well (think key chains, apparel, and fitness equipment)!
Purchasing something from the SparkPeople Store not only helps us earn additional revenue to keep our website free for all, but it is also a great way to Spread the Spark. If you've ever worn a SparkPeople T-shirt in public, or proudly displayed our window decal on your vehicle, then you've probably also fielded questions from friends and strangers alike that led into you telling them about the site. And if that's the case: Thank you! Word of mouth is by far our biggest source of new members.
For those who haven't visited the SparkPeople store lately, we have four new products that make for inexpensive and fun ways to reward yourself for reaching your goals—including a couple items inspired by our members!
SparkPeople Patch ($2.50)
This is my personal favorite. We've seen and heard from members who have been making their own patches to give out and wear at races (so all the SparkPeople members could easily spot each other), and we thought it was a great idea. So we've created an embroidered SparkPeople patch that you can pin or sew onto your own clothing or accessories to make them "SparkPeople" branded.
SparkPeople Silicone Bracelets ($2.50)
These 100% silicone bracelets (one size) are available in four great colors. Not only are they a conversation starter that can help you easily share SparkPeople with others, but they are also a great way to keep your goals in mind each day!
SparkPeople Tumbler $10
Drinking all that water just got more colorful with our 16-ounce double wall tumbler. Suitable for cold or hot drinks, it's great for daily use and for the environment! This colorful tumbler is made with durable BPA-free material and features a screw-on cap, prevent unnecessary spills from top. Reusable straw included with the tumbler stays inside the lid.

Glass SparkPeople Water Bottle $11.05
If you prefer to avoid plastic, this glass bottle is a great alternative. It holds 20-oz of liquid and comes with an orange silicone grip that protects the bottle and also makes it easier to hold. At just over $11, this is a great buy on a high-quality reusable bottle!

What do you think of the new SparkPeople Store products? Do you have any ideas for new products we could add to our store?

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  • 60
    Appreciate the discussion on shipping rates. I had been in the "rates are too high group" but agree that SparkPeople is such a positive in my life that I will pay the shipping rate. Will just need to budget it in. - 9/25/2011   6:35:18 PM
  • 59
    I think they are great EXCEPT, the POSTAGE is way to HIGH for me. I cannot justify paying half again of what my order would be just for postage. And the bracelets really were my idea! Sad, I can't afford to get them. - 9/20/2011   8:43:51 AM
  • 58
    I was very excited to see the patches and was all set to buy one until I saw the shipping was $7.35. Forget it. - 9/17/2011   3:13:13 PM
    I love the products and would love to have a silicome bracelet--in orange, or course!

    But the shipping, especially to Canada, costs more than the product!

    I have run into this before on other U.S. sites and it will stop me from ordering.

    It seems a small, non-breakable item like the bracelet could be easily shipped by ordinary post office. - 9/16/2011   9:00:02 AM
    The new products are great,especially like the bracelets.
    Thank you Spark People for keeping the site free. - 9/16/2011   12:42:18 AM
    I have an idea I developed a 28 day daytimer insert to track my diet and fitness during the day. I also have developed a game to change up the diet and fitness that only requires a dice. - 9/15/2011   6:38:35 PM
    I think the products are wonderful and I wish you had an outlet in Australia. - 9/15/2011   5:23:26 PM
    Love the site, but along with others, can not do the shipping...NOT due to any type 'hate' etc, but simply due to a 'must be frugal' shopper as in 'shop smart' since I don't have much extra to be able to afford luxuries. Even necessities are hard to come by for me in this economy, so yes, I look for 'specials' and 'great deals'. I still love Spark People. There are other free sites, thus if this one charged a fee, I would simply be forced to patronize one of the others. Just food for thought, since I'm sure the ones who posted lamentations regarding the high cost of shipping were not 'hating on Spark'. God bless all and good luck on your journey. - 9/15/2011   4:00:27 PM
  • 52
    Suggestion for a product: a bellybag. It would come in handy when out running.

    I'm in favor or cheaper post office shipping for small items. A bubble mailer envelope would be cheaper. The shipping costs stop me from buying. - 9/15/2011   11:51:45 AM
  • 51
    Very nice! Thanks for the options. Thanks for making the website free for all of us. We really appreciate it! It is completely understandable to create some way to make some money. But I personally am thankful that it is our choice of whether or not to buy. Keep up the great work!!! - 9/15/2011   10:50:42 AM
    Indeed, I appreciate the Spark-site for all the support and inspiration--
    However, I applaud "LOSINGK" for the excellent comment... Why not mail the $2.50 bracelets in a first class envelope? Postage 44cents instead of $7.00--
    - 9/15/2011   10:41:23 AM
    Suggestion: Maybe various team leaders could arrange to purchase a dozen or so of the offered items (bracelets, patches, tumblers, etc.) that their team members want - in bulk - and then sell them at cost to their team members at SparkPeople events, like team walks, etc. Even if the leaders added a small handling charge to cover their shipping costs, it would probably be cheaper than each Spark member buying their own separately. SparkPeople would still be selling a certain amount and members wouldn't feel like they're getting ripped off for shipping. - 9/15/2011   9:42:13 AM
  • 48
    Besides, if UPS LOSES your item, it's covered with $100.00 worth of insurance. EVERY package is! :o) - 9/15/2011   9:32:14 AM
  • 47
    I'm amazed at the number of people complaining about the price of shipping. I'm GLAD Spark People decided to use a reputable shipping company such as UPS. Every package is tracked, right down to delivery to your door. As a former internet merchant myself, I can't tell you how much money I lost because of the thievery of FedEx and the Post Office. I had a $300.00 huge box of merchandise go through a Bell California Post Office, never to be delivered. I lost even MORE money with FedEx. If you don't like the shipping costs for dependable, reliable SAFE shipping, then simply don't order. Stop beating up the web site because you feel the need to be cheap. What you spend is your preference, I'm just stating "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." If you TRULY want these items, the costs will not deter you. $2.50 for a bracelet + $7.00 shipping = $9.50. Will you pay $9.50 to celebrate Spark People, the fact that the site & the service is FREE, and how far it's helped you come? - 9/15/2011   9:31:21 AM
    I would like the head scarf idea - can someone work on the shipping? It sort of reminds me of the E-Bay rip off .01 for the item but a gazillion dollars to ship! - 9/15/2011   8:41:47 AM
  • 45
    They don't say what shipping method they use, but if they ship by anything other than basic mail (such as UPS, FedEx, USPS Priority, etc), $7 is about as low as it gets. Sounds like SP should strongly consider adding a USPS First Class option for these smaller items. - 9/15/2011   7:56:18 AM
    Hi - I would really love a team tshirt/sweatshirt to work out in. There are several really large teams that could support this - maybe the team logo on the back and the little Spark logo on the front! How fun is that? - 9/15/2011   7:49:07 AM
  • 43
    How about Spark journals to reflect on the inspirational quotes - 9/15/2011   7:30:58 AM
  • 42
    We have to remember the site is free but they would sell more items if the shipping was more reasonable. Shipping is always outrageous but this is a little ridiculous. I would buy something if it was a little more reasonable. - 9/15/2011   7:28:32 AM
  • 41
    Now....I was very pleased witht this site until I'm seeing/reading about the shipping costs...don't fool people when one can travel to the nearest post office and see that it does NOT cost that much to ship a rubber bracelet....if you need to make money...find another way....ask for donations..don't scam...shame on you spark people... - 9/15/2011   6:43:20 AM
  • 40
    I agree with the comments on the high cost of shipping. If it costs more to ship to me than it cost to buy it then i just dont buy it. Sparks ought to look into the flat rate boxes from the post office to make shipping more affordable to all income levels.

    When the spark cups come in a 32oz version that I will buy one of those. the 16oz ones are just too small to be useful for me on the go but a 32oz would be perfect! - 9/15/2011   12:38:13 AM
  • JULIA1154
    I like the bracelets but would want to be certain they were not sourced from China. Nothing against the people of China but I do not support their government nor their economic imperialism. I do support buying American. - 9/14/2011   9:35:16 PM
  • 38
    Great stuff Sparkpeople. I would like to see rist and forehead sweat bands w/ logo on it. This I would buy. I also want to thank you for the site. You have saved my life and so many others. To do this site for free is a truely great thing. The shipping is a little high but the site is free. I think that makes us getting the better deal. I would pay the shipping over getting the site for free any day. It would cost me a little shipping for a site that saved my life, I will pay the shipping and others should to. Thanks again for everything you have done for all the sparkpeople. - 9/14/2011   8:49:26 PM
  • 37
    I see the dream of one of the Sparkers on here has come to be reality - the Spark bracelet. From what I'm reading shipping appears to be way over-priced. Too bad. There would be a lot of members purchasing if they felt the shipping was reasonable. - 9/14/2011   8:45:08 PM
  • 36
    I just have to comment too, on the shipping. I was going to order something that I won with a spin on the wheel, but didn't, because the shipping was more than the item. I guess, though, it is the case everywhere when you order something. Shipping has become outrageous, and that is not the fault of Spark People...............I LOVE Spark People! - 9/14/2011   7:49:02 PM
    I can't wait to purchase a bunch of stuff once I can fit it into my budget. This site is well worth it! - 9/14/2011   7:05:01 PM
  • 34
    I like the patch, bracelets, and glass water bottle. The price of shipping doesn't bother me because the site is free! I'll support Spark by purchasing these motivational items. :) - 9/14/2011   5:49:19 PM
    I've never posted a comment but I just had to say something on this. Thank you, SparkPeople, for all the good you do for so many. Thank you for responding to requests for products. It truly is a shame to see the many negative comments on shipping. Maybe if you charged $15.00 for the bracelets people would feel that the shipping cost was justified. Ha...Ha...Ha!! I'm grateful that there is site such as this, you have helped me and countless others in many ways. - 9/14/2011   5:39:30 PM
  • 32
    I wanted a couple of bracelets but I just can't justify spending $7.35 to ship a $2.50 object that probably weighs less than its packaging... :/ - 9/14/2011   5:01:23 PM
  • 31
    I really like the items and will be purchasing a silicone bracelet and a tumbler. I'm not a fan of the patch. The shipping (based on what's indicated here) is definitely pricy, but I'll spend it. The value of this site is worth the expense. - 9/14/2011   4:47:51 PM
  • 30
    I just checked out the spark store and there are some very cool things there the portion control stuff is way cool especially with the ice packs ..... very innovative. Some day maybe when I reach my goal of 200lbs I'll buy one of the sets! - 9/14/2011   4:47:49 PM
  • 29
    I have read thru the comments about the shipping charge on the bracelets and almost everyone thought it was expensive, but the site is free and it costs money to keep it up and running, you log on everyday to find menus, recipes, exercise tips,etc. for 365 days a year. So do the math, your getting all this for 2 cents a day if you order the bracelet.. Come on people ...... really!!!!!!!!
    - 9/14/2011   4:35:13 PM
    I appreciate the freeness of the site & I LOVE the braclets but will not be ordering with the shipping so high! Even a flat rate priority mail box is cheaper than that and you could fill it full of bracelets! - 9/14/2011   3:47:09 PM
  • 27
    There are many things on the Sparkpeople store I have wanted to buy but the shipping fees are out of this world making the cost of the product almost double. I called and complained about these high shipping fees but was told that is the way it is. Too bad becuase I would definitely buy things if the shipping didn't make it too much.
    - 9/14/2011   3:04:14 PM
  • 26
    Well, I am the SparkPerson who begged for the bracelets and even got a Most Popular Blog for requesting them. However, I am NOT paying $7.35 postage for them! That's just crazy. Sorry! Sad MommaLittle - 9/14/2011   2:37:24 PM
  • 25
    I also was going to buy a bracelet but really, $7.35 for shipping? It could be shipped with a first class postage stamp. Big bummer, I really like them but I can't justify $10 for one rubber bracelet. - 9/14/2011   2:25:09 PM
  • 24
    Well I was tempted by the bracelets but after reading the shipping charges I'll pass. I think you should give out some of these goodies to Sparkers who reach certain goals or levels. Maybe someone who makes it to level 5 gets a bracelet, and someone who gets to level 20 gets a shirt or a bag or something.. etc... they are definitely advertising for you (Sparkpeople). Put some on the wheel as giveaways for lucky Sparkers to win. - 9/14/2011   1:17:35 PM
    Thank you for this free site it has helped LOTS of people. I don't mind paying the shipping costs so that this site can be free. Great items that were added. THANKS! - 9/14/2011   12:57:02 PM
  • 22
    The last two are good, useful products, and priced competitively, (whatever a previous poster may have asserted). A glass bottle for under $15 is a good buy, and I purchased a screw-top cup for over the price of this tumbler.

    However, the shipping costs seem really high, and that is an ongoing problem for this shopper!

    Personally, I'd like to see more exercise dvds (Coach Nicole, you rock!) and the like--things not available elsewhere, by definition. - 9/14/2011   12:01:34 PM
  • 21
    $7.35 to ship a silicone bracelet? Ridiculous. - 9/14/2011   11:37:38 AM
  • 20
    I'd like to see a blue silicone bracelet. Sky blue. - 9/14/2011   11:35:40 AM
  • 19
    How about the Spark logo temporary tattoos? I'm not about to get a real tat, but I'd stick on a temp for a 5K race / walk or something. :) - 9/14/2011   11:30:16 AM
    A ballerina tank with choice of logos and taglines... - 9/14/2011   11:16:31 AM
  • 17
    Baseball hat with logo on front and reflective tape on sides and back. - 9/14/2011   10:38:13 AM
  • 16
    Will go shopping now! Another product? I want to see business cards with Spark People web address; people may remember the site more easily. I told my cousin about the site and a week later all she remembered was 'flame'. - 9/14/2011   10:26:47 AM
  • 15
    I REALLY want the acrylic tumbler!!! I have one, but it doesn't say Sparkpeople, and I totally believe in SP. And I totally want to flaunt it everywhere I go! - 9/14/2011   10:14:09 AM
  • 14
    It's the shipping costs that stop me buying more from the SP store. Way too much! - 9/14/2011   9:53:59 AM
  • 13
    How about a head bandana during hot weather? The bandana can be multipurpose, not only during exercises but for any kind of activities! - 9/14/2011   9:47:07 AM
  • 12
    I love the bracelets! I don't know if they have this already, but a Spark people mouse pad would be awesome. - 9/14/2011   9:16:09 AM
    you need to design a bicycle jersey!! PLEASE!!!! - 9/14/2011   9:13:29 AM

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