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5 Quick Tips to Look Better Naked

5 Quick Tips to Look Better Naked

Written by Erin Whitehead, Health and Fitness Writer

You might think that you'll be at your sexiest if you lose 10 more pounds, or when you can fit back into those skinny jeans you've been holding onto. But you shouldn't constantly cover yourself up just because you're not at your ideal weight or feel self-conscious about a certain area of your body. If you want to look better naked now--not 10 pounds from now--then follow these quick and simple tips.
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Take Care of Your Skin

Healthy skin can be yours in an instant. Reveal soft, smooth skin with a quick shower and scrub with a loofah or an exfoliating shower gel. Afterwards, moisturize with your favorite scented lotion to stay silky and hydrated all day long. A little extra color can also increase your confidence factor in a hurry. Avoid sun exposure, but get that splash of tan with a self tanner. Lotions with a hint of glitter or bronzer can also go a long way toward giving your skin a little extra sparkle!