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15 Simple Truths about Food

15 Simple Truths about Food

Written by Nicole Nichols, Health Educator

We've all heard food myths and old wives' tales, and maybe even read a chain email that perpetuates a misconception about food or nutrition. Some make sense. Others seem plausible. What's the real truth? It's time to clean out the fridge, toss the food myths into the trash and replace them with honest-to-goodness truths about the food we eat. Here, we'll set the record straight about 15 common food myths.
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Myth #1: Frozen foods are less nutritious than fresh foods.

Truth: Flash frozen vegetables, including those found in many frozen meals, may actually be more nutritious than some fresh vegetables. The moment a fruit or vegetable is picked from the farm, it begins to lose nutrients. Because food travels long distances from farm to table in today's global economy, the "fresh" foods at your supermarket can be several days or weeks old. Most frozen vegetables are flash frozen so quickly after picking that they retain most of their health-enhancing nutrients. They can be more economical, too!