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Menu Decoder: Find Healthy Restaurant Foods

What to Avoid and What to Eat, for Parents and Kids

As parents, you want your children to eat a healthy balanced meal. At home, it's easy to control what the little ones put in their mouths, but at a restaurant, there are plenty of unhealthy dishes lurking on the menu. Here's a list of menu descriptions to avoid, along with some that are sure to be good for you and your little one.

Healthy menu words
Baked Boiled Broiled Fat Free
Fresh Grilled High FIber Light
Marinated Multi-grain Poached (simmered in water or broth) Red sauce
Reduced (boiled until a mixture is thicker and more concentrated) Roasted (baked uncovered to achieve a crispy exterior and moist interior) 

Seasoned Steamed
Stir-fried Vegetarian Vinaigrette Whole-wheat

Unhealthy menu words
A la mode (topped with ice cream)

Au gratin (topped with cheese and breadcrumbs mixed with butter, then baked) Basted Battered
Bearnaise (French sauce made with butter, tarragon, egg yolks and wine)

Bet you can't finish it Bottomless Breaded
Buttery or Buttered Casserole Cheesy Covered
Creamy or Creamed Crispy Crunchy Escalloped
Fried/Deep Fried Giant Hollandaise (French sauce made from egg yolks, butter and lemon juice)

Platter Smothered Stewed Stroganoff
Stuffed Value Volcano White sauce

(a sauce made from flour, butter and cream)

Note: Pregnant women should avoid eating deli and processed meats, soft cheeses, and some types of seafood due to the risk of illness to herself and her unborn child. Eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry or seafood also poses health risks. Find more information on which foods to avoid here.
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