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3 Exercises Every Woman Should Do

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Starting Position

Grasp one dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing the body.  Step forward with your left leg as if you were going to lunge.  Bend the left knee and straighten your right leg back.  Rest your left elbow your forward (left) leg. Try to create a flat back. Keep upper body steady with the abs pulled in tight.

INHALE: With the right palm facing the body, "row" the dumbbell up as high as possible (towards the armpit) as the elbow points backwards.  EXHALE: Slowly lower dumbbell back down until arm is straight, but elbow does not lock, to complete one rep. Finish one set and switch sides. 

Special Instructions
Keep your spine in a neutral position. While lifting focus on the muscles in the back, visualizing your shoulder blade moving towards the spine, and coming back out as you release the weight down.

#3 Exercise for Women: Bicycle Crunches

Why they're effective: There has been a lot of research on the effectiveness of various abdominal exercises. Most experts agree that while crunches are good, adding some simple elements can make them even better. That's where the bicycle crunch comes in. Based on EMG tests of muscle activation, the bicycle crunch is one of the most effective core exercises there is, working the abs, obliques, and hips. You may want to lie on a mat, but no equipment is necessary. Aim for 1-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions.


Starting Position
Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent, in line with the hips. Place hands behind your head and neck for support. Pull the naval in towards the spine throughout this movement. 

Bend your left knee in towards your chest while you crunch up and twist, bringing your right elbow towards the knee.  Without resting, lower the left leg back down to the floor as the right knee comes in, twisting to the opposite side to bring your left elbow towards your right knee to complete one rep.  Repeat continuously until you complete one set.
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