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Week 22: Get Moving--No Excuses

Your Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy

Your Baby This Week

You and baby are both eager to meet each other! Your baby is kicking up a storm, and you feel like you're getting bigger every day.

Your baby weighs more than 12 ounces (.35 kg) and is more than 7 inches (18 cm) long! Baby's eyelids and eyebrows have developed and her muscles are growing stronger--something you can feel by the strength of the movement in your tummy! Your baby is probably moving more regularly now-not just once in a while! After birth, she'll recognize the songs you sing or play for her now, resulting in a soothing effect.

Your Body This Week

Although your tummy is growing, you should still feel comfortable and energetic enough to bend over easily and move around. Your sex drive may be increasing, and if your health care provider says it's OK, this can be a great chance for intimate bonding with your partner. If you are feeling exceptionally tired, make certain to get a blood test for anemia, which is common during pregnancy.

Time for a Nutrition Check-up

You've recently passed the halfway point of your pregnancy, so the day you set your nutritional and health goals may seem like a long time ago. How well are you acquainted with your good intentions? As we settle back down into personal everyday routines, falling back into some old habits can be easy, painless and even without recognition. Think about or dig up your initial nutrition goals. What has been easy? A challenge? Something you forgot to try? A change you didn't like or couldn't keep for very long? One way to test of how well you're sticking with your program is by comparing some healthy snack rehab ideas.

Your Best Excuse Not To Exercise

Excuses. When it comes to exercise, they're as varied as the individuals who voice them. Lost interest. Lost my workout buddy. Lost my motivation. Lost directions to the gym. Lost my shoes. But one excuse is pretty universal among most--no time! In our frenzied way of thinking, one of the hardest concepts to understand is that taking time to exercise has such an impact on the rest of your life that it can actually save you time. More energy, clearer thinking, more endurance--these are all things that can help you take care of the rest of the day more efficiently. No more excuses. Check out this collection of ways to be inefficient on purpose.
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