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Easy and Safe Ways to Share with Your Loved Ones

Your body changes throughout pregnancy and your little ones grow up so fast! BabyPage Broadcast features allow you to share your experiences more easily with the people who matter most to you.

BabyPage Broadcast is a great way to make sure your loved ones share in all of the treasured moments, big and small. Sign-up your friends and family for your BabyPage updates! They'll receive an email "broadcast" when you add albums, photos or public journal entries featuring you, your pregnancy or your growing family. And who knows, you may get more gifts ;) Just follow these easy steps.
  • Log-in to
  • Click on the BabyPages tab
  • Click "Create/Edit my BabyPage Now"
  • Click "Register Friends and Family For Updates," located near the top right of the page. * will never share or sell email addresses.
  • Enter the email addresses of up to five people (at a time) to receive your BabyPage updates.
  • If you have a private BabyPage, you'll need to share your BabyPage Password to ensure that your friends and family members can view your page. See the Enhanced Privacy section (below) for additional instructions.
BabyPage Subscriptions allow your friends, family members and BabyFit (member) friends to subscribe to your BabyPage! Subscribers will receive an email each time you add photos, albums, or public journal entries. Here's how:
  • If you have a public BabyPage, visitors to your BabyPage can click on the visiting your BabyPage can simply click "Subscribe to Get Updates to this BabyPage" button, located on the right side of your BabyPage. (Non-members will be prompted to enter their email address on the following page.)

  • If you have a private BabyPage, only people on your friends list will be able to view and subscribe to your BabyPage. Non-members who subscribe to your BabyPage will need your BabyPage Password to view and subscribe to your BabyPage. See the Enhanced Privacy section (below) for additional instructions.
Find out who is subscribed to your BabyPage. You have the option to delete subscribers from your page. Here's how:
  • Log-in to
  • Click the BabyPages Tab
  • Click "Create/Edit my BabyPage Now"
  • Click the "See All Subscribers" link, near the top right side of your BabyPage.
  • Click the "Remove" link below any BabyFit username or email address.
Enhanced Privacy settings are perfect for members who want to share their BabyPages with a select group of people. By setting your BabyPage to "private," you can now protect it with a Password of your choice. Private BabyPages can only be seen by people on your friends list, and those with whom you share the password. Here's how:
  • Log-in to
  • Click the BabyPages Tab
  • Click "Create/Edit my BabyPage Now"
  • To make your page Private, check the box next to the phrase "Make Page Private"
  • To create a password for your non-member friends and family, type a password of your choice into the "Private page password" field. *We recommend that you use a different password than your BabyFit login/password.
  • Click the "Save Your Changes" button at the very top of your Page.
  • Be sure to share this password with the people you want to see your BabyPage.
We hope that these BabyFit Broadcast features make it easier for you to share events, photos, and updates with your friends and loved ones. If you have any questions about using BabyFit Broadcast or Enhanced Privacy, please post in the Technical Support Message Board Forum.
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