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Prenatal Fitness Expert and Author

Catherine Cram, M.S. is the author of Fit Pregnancy For Dummies, and the owner of Comprehensive Fitness Consulting, LLC. Catherine's company specializes in providing prenatal postpartum fitness information to health-care professionals.

BabyFit is honored to have Cathy as a guest expert on the "Exercise Central" message board forum each Tuesday evening. To post your Prenatal or Postnatal exercise question, go to the Exercise Central forum. Please indicate whether you are currently pregnant or postpartum and if you have any medical conditions in your post.

Cathy will answer as many questions as possible during her Tuesday sessions. If she does not get a chance to answer your question, one of our other experts will respond. Feel free to post again the following Tuesday.

Cathy provides Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Information and certification courses to Healthcare Professionals.
Click here to learn more about Comprehensive Fitness Consulting LLC, or e-mail at

To learn more about Catherine's book or to buy it online you can
click here.

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