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Smart Substitution Calorie Chart

Discover Some Easy Trades

The tiniest changes can add up.

The world is full of smart substitutions!  Especially when you spend a lot of time looking at restaurant menus, having some substitution strategies up your sleeve can save a lot of guilt and time on the treadmill. You just have to keep your eyes open for the opportunities.

Of course, you should still exercise and watch your portions, but take a moment to look at how you can eat smarter. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. Even if you don’t do it all the time, if you make smart food substitutions a habit, you can speed up weight loss without putting yourself in dieter’s prison.

None of these changes are earth-shattering, and we’re not talking about replacing pancakes with rice cakes. Most of the substitution ideas here take very little effort, but can often taste just as good and be just as satisfying. And they can add up fast.

BabyFit Smart Substitutions Chart

Instead Of:Try:Calories Saved
(One Serving)
mayonnaise (1 tsp) mustard 54
New England clam chowder Manhattan clam chowder 60
soft drink (1 can) water 100
cream of chicken soup chicken noodle soup 140
guacamole salsa 46
buttered popcorn (1 cup) airpopped popcorn 108
regular potato chips (1 oz) baked potato chips 90
potato chips (1 oz.) unbuttered popcorn 60
pudding (1 cup) sugar free applesauce 108
ice cream (1/2 cup) non-fat frozen yogurt 153
cream (1 cup) evaporated milk 300
whole milk (1 cup) skim milk 60
nachos w/ the works tortilla chips & salsa 414
fettuccine alfredo (16 oz) spaghetti w/ tomato sauce 426
veggie pizza (2 slices) no-cheese veggie pizza 314
chocolate (1 cup) cocoa 492
bagel w/ cream cheese (1 tbsp) apple slices w/ peanut butter 119
ranch salad dressing (2 tbsp) raspberry vinaigrette 68
ground beef (4 oz.) ground turkey 132
hollandaise sauce (1 cup) white wine sauce 160
chocolate chip cookies (5) vanilla wafers 200
5th Avenue candy bar fig bar (3) 115
cinnamon Pop Tart (2) large graham crackers (4) 140
carrot cake (3 oz.) gingerbread 51
peking/hoisin sauce (3 oz.) oyster sauce 99
flaked coconut (1 cup) diced pineapple 265
tartar sauce (1 tbsp) lemon juice 70
Hershey chocolate bar Nestle Rich chocolate hot cocoa 105
cheddar cheese (1 cup) mozzarella cheese 141
cinnamon raisin bagel cinnamon raisin english muffin 106
café latte hot tea 122
ricotta cheese (1 cup) low-fat cottage cheese 172
sour cream (1 cup) plain yogurt 343
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