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The video "Postpartum Recovery Techniques and Exercises" presents a comprehensive overview of specific guidelines and effective exercises that have been developed to safely aid in postnatal recovery This video provides information and instruction on the following topics:
  • Postpartum warning signs and symptoms
  • Self-care techniques for immediate post-birth care
  • Diastasis recti check and recovery exercises
  • Sahrmann abdominal exercises
  • Flexibility exercises designed to prevent/alleviate back, shoulder and neck pain

Progressive Postnatal Recovery...Selfcare Techniques & Exercises for Postpartum Women

This video features topics that are specific to postpartum women, such as back pain, pelvic floor weakness and incontinence, joint misalignment, pelvic pain, nursing discomfort and depression. Each topic section gives warning signs and symptoms along with techniques and exercises to help alleviate and even prevent some conditions.

  • Developed with a physical therapist who specializes in postpartum recovery
  • Provides extensive information on immediate post-birth care
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