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Stop Failure Before It Starts

For some of us out there, if we could just convince ourselves there is enough time in the day to exercise, we could be on track to a great fitness program. For others, we get started but quickly lose momentum and give up. Or maybe energy is more of a problem. Between the swelling feet and all the preparations, you are exhausted! To help get started and stay on track, here are a few tips:

  • Prepare. We already know you don’t have the time, so you have to write it down like an appointment every day. You wouldn’t cancel an appointment, so why would you cancel on yourself? Aren’t you important too?
  • Start slowly. Do much less than you think you are able to. Take a 20-minute walk if you’re newly back to workouts. I know you might feel like it’s not enough, but it’s a good start. If you are new to exercise, pregnancy is not the best time to go crazy. Just do what you can, and if it ever starts to hurt, or if you start to feel dizzy, stop. It’s okay.
  • Get the family involved. Have your older child ride her bike while you walk. Go to a local track and set the kids up on the infield with games of their own while you walk a couple of laps with your spouse. Celebrate with a little something special after every activity.
  • Where are your friends? Four words. Four reasons – motivation, inspiration, determination, conversation. Surround yourself with friends who think positive and live large. Some may have experienced pregnancy before. There is nothing better than a sympathetic ear when you're not feeling your best.
  • Give yourself permission to slow down. You’re driving this bus! For the first time in your day you are in control. Don’t forget, if you can fit in time for the workout, you can squeeze in time for a nap as well.
  • Walk in public. Be proud of your accomplishment. Take in all the sites and be an inspiration to others. You are beautiful, pregnant, and care about your body. Besides, fresh air can be good for you!
  • Just show up. Go to the gym, the class, or the park. Once you’re there, it’s hard to say no. Ninety-eight percent of life is showing up. You’ll feel more accountable if you get involved with something on a regular basis.
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Julie, a former Olympic marathon runner, is an author, radio host and fitness expert.
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