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Artificial Sweeteners and Your Pregnancy

When You Crave the Sweetness

  • Neotame (made by The NutraSweet Co.) is quickly metabolized and completely eliminated from the body. This sweetener is designed more for food industries than the direct consumer or tabletop sweetener market. The main markets for this product are soft drinks, yogurt, frozen dairy desserts and chewing gum. It would take approximately 8,000 teaspoons of sugar to equal 1 teaspoon of neotame. There has been much controversy and debate as to the safety of using these sugar substitutes during pregnancy. Saccharin has received a lot of attention since it can cross the placenta and may remain in fetal tissues. As a dietitian, I believe there is no concern if you use them in moderation. Always discuss your use of low-calorie sweeteners with your healthcare provider.
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    Becky Hand
    Becky is a registered and licensed dietitian with almost 20 years of experience. She teaches prenatal classes and counsels individuals, helping women eat right and stay fit before, during and after their pregnancies.
    Becky Hand

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    This is a very informative article. I did notice that aspartame is on the list, however my doctor told me not to drink or eat foods labeled as "diet," if they contain aspartame. It was interesting to read here that it is approved by the FDA for pregnant women. I will still abstain though. :) Report
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