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Tai Chi During Pregnancy

A Safe Mind-Body Workout

A typical Tai Chi class will teach you meditation, as well as how to coordinate your breathing with each movement-and this knowledge of controlled breathing can later be used during labor. If you're interested in learning Tai Chi, it's important to find an instructor who understands the special needs of pregnant women. As always, check with your physician before beginning any fitness routine.

"During my second pregnancy, I couldn't handle all the pounding of aerobics but I was still looking for a workout to improve my general well-being and physical fitness," says Stephanie Woodhouse of Tallahassee, Florida. "After my first Tai Chi class, I knew I'd found the answer. Its low-impact movements were easy to do but still gave me a very thorough workout. And learning how to focus my mind and my breathing came in handy when it was time to give birth."

For more information about Tai Chi:

Beginning Tai Chi by Tri Trong Dang describes the "Simplified Tai Chi" form, a set of 24 movements specifically designed for beginners by China's Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports.

Tai Chi for Health by Dr. Paul Lam, available here.

  • Qi Journal offers a searchable database of American and International Tai Chi instructors
  • Tai Chi Magazine is the leading international magazine for anyone interested in Tai Chi, as well as other similar Chinese disciplines which contribute to fitness, health, and a balanced personal sense of well being
This article has been reviewed by Sara Hambidge, Physical Therapist.
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