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Create a Pregnancy Work Wardrobe on a Budget

Excerpted from Your Perfectly Pampered Pregnancy

For many women, the greatest pregnancy fashion challenge comes when choosing a work wardrobe. Depending on what you do, and the confines of any corporate dress policies, finding the right clothes to suit your professional image can drive you to distraction.

However, with just a little forethought and some extra shopping time, you can quickly and easily pull together a stylish and polished look without spending a fortune. Where do you begin? With an open mind and the following basic guidelines:

1. If you stick to solid colors and similar fabrics you can get away with fewer pieces. Choosing darker colors means more wear from each piece, plus it detracts from your growing size. Simple, basic pieces in black, navy, brown, camel or grey can be easily changed and accented with scarves, jewelry, hats and shoes in bright colors or prints.

2. Avoid becoming a fashion tent. While choosing extra large, full-cut tops and dresses may seem as if you can more easily hide your size, it actually has the opposite effect. Remember, the larger the tent, the bigger the circus, so shop for clothing that is slim cut with some shape.

3. Nothing says "this season" like a few well-chosen pieces of trendy fashion jewelry. If pregnancy is keeping you from wearing this season's trendiest outfits, remember, for each new style there's a coordinating accessory, so going for half the look will help keep you looking up-to-date. Try shops like for well priced trendy pieces to keep your look current.

4. Never underestimate the power of a great jacket for a polished corporate edge. Start with any full cut blazer you already own, leaving open the bottom buttons. Later on, invest in one or two full-cut maternity jackets in an unconstructed style. Add a long scarf tied loosely in the front, and no one will even notice what you're wearing underneath.

5. Never underestimate the power of shoulder pads! While the broad-shoulder, power suits of the 1980's may be long gone, neat, well-balanced shoulders can do miraculous things for your pregnant figure, and help give balance and proportion to your body.

6. Choose clothing in substantial fabrics. Whether you are pregnant winter or summer, opt for fabrics with a substantial "hand" and body, such as boucle, twill, gabardine or cotton. During pregnancy, a crisp, woven cotton shirt, for example, will look infinitely more professional than a flimsy knit top.

7. To complete your polished, professional look, choose a shoe with at least a one-and-a-half inch heel. This will not only give your look a more stylish edge, it's actually better for your back than flats.
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