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20 Tips to Save Money on Gas

Small Changes Can Improve Efficiency by 30%

With the prices at the pumps rising every day (or so it seems), we're all wondering the same thing: How can we save money on gas? Is it even possible?

Yes, of course you can save money on gas. These tips won't bring down the cost of gas, but they will help you use less gas, which in turn will save you money. Following the tips below can improve the efficiency of your car by up to 30 percent, according to drivers who've adapted such tactics! A bonus is that many of these tips will also help you help the environment. Go green while saving some green!

1. Combine trips. If you know you're going across town for soccer practice, stop by any stores you might need to visit in that area. Try to group errands geographically.

2. Downsize. Unless you need an SUV, minivan or full-size truck, then trade it in for a more efficient model. Want to save even more money? Switch to a hybrid (the prices have dropped in the last few years) or learn to drive a motorcycle or scooter. (Not exactly an option with kids, but maybe your partner could drive one to work.)

3. Reduce your commute. Move closer to work if possible, work from home a day or two a week, or get a job in your neighborhood.

4. Don't wait for a holiday. Gas prices rise whenever more people travel, such as around the holidays. Fill up at least three days before a holiday.

5. Fill up mid week, in the morning. Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week to fill your tank. The weekends are the most expensive. Gas stations change their prices midmorning, so head to the pumps before you go to the office.

6. Park it. Park once, in the first spot you see. Unless you can't walk, park as soon as you find a spot instead of driving around to find one that's close. Also, if you're going to make several stops in the area, leave your car parked and drop off packages between stops, if need be. You can squeeze in a bit of exercise while you shop!

7. Charge it! Get a gas credit card that offers you savings. If your card is specific to one company, make sure those gas stations are located in the areas where you typically drive. You won't save money if you drive across town to get gas! (Just be sure to pay off the card in full each month so you don't get hit with finance charges.)
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