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Baby Rowan and Retinoblastoma

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In early August 2008, BabyFit member Madeline "Maddie" Robb noticed something alarming in a picture posted by her friend Megan Santos. What Maddie had noticed was a symptom of retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer, in the photo of Santos' daughter, Rowan. She immediately alerted Santos, who took her daughter straight to the doctor. This early detection helped save baby Rowan's life, and the amazing circumstances of the diagnosis brought worldwide media attention this story and the symptoms of retinoblastoma.

You can read more about Rowan's Story, and join the MommyTeam for updates an information on Rowan's treatment and recovery.

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Also, if you're interested in helping out you can contribute to Retinoblastoma International to help fund research or directly to the Santos family to help them cover the out-of-pocket expenses that they've incurred during this ordeal.

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