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Post-Pregnancy Nutrition Transition

Adjusting Your Nutrition After the Baby

The baby's here! In addition to the dozens of changes you're making, it's also time to move on from your pregnancy nutrition program. It's pretty simple to customize your plan so that you continue to consume the calories and nutrients you need to stay energetic and healthy. A full transition can happen in three easy stages:


From the Start page on BabyFit, click on Account/Email Preferences in the left-hand column. Scroll down and click Edit My Program Preference, then select one of three options under the Post-Pregnancy plan: Bottle Feeding/Solid Food Feeding, Breastfeeding or Partial Breastfeeding. Click Save & Submit. You're done! The chart below illustrates, as an example, how a woman's calorie range changes throughout the phases of pregnancy and postpartum.

Phase Calories
Pre-Pregnancy 1,800- 2,100
Pregnancy 2,100- 2,400
Formula Feeding 1,800-2,100
Nursing (1-2 months) 2,200-2,500
Nursing (5-6 months) 2,300-2,600
After Weaning 1,800-2,100

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