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Week 2: Your Baby, Your Body

Your Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy

Your Body This Week

During these first two weeks (before conception), your body is gearing up to release an egg. The egg is typically released around day 14 of your menstrual cycle.

Congratulations! If you are pregnant and looking back, conception likely occurred at the end of this week and you are on your way to an exciting pregnancy.

You're about to start one of the most rewarding and exciting times of your life.

Over the coming weeks and months, you'll experience many changes in how you look and feel-some small, some not so small! As your baby grows and changes, so too will your body and sometimes even your emotions.

Baby Your Baby and Your Body

In our diet-crazed world, it's easy to enter into the early stages of pregnancy worried about keeping our figures and continuing to try to lose weight. But low weight gain during pregnancy can result in a low birth weight infant. Healthy weight gain while eating nutritious food is mandatory for your child to get necessary nutrients and grow. During the first trimester, a weight gain of 0-6 pounds is normal. Overall, your total recommended weight gain depends on what your starting weight was. Find out your recommended weight gain:

Exercising For Two

You're not in this alone. Your health and physical condition can determine your baby's development and even how difficult labor may be. Even so, exercise offers a number of practical benefits to mom that can make your pregnancy a wonderful, joyful experience.


  • Improves muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness
  • Leads to a better appearance and posture
  • Lessens some of the discomforts of pregnancy
  • Strengthens the muscles needed for labor and delivery

    Read more about the benefits of exercise and how to get started.
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