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Looking for a New MommyTeam?

Find Support and Meet New People!

Check out these NEW Featured MommyTeams! Every few weeks we will feature four different MommyTeams so you can learn about the Teams that have been started by BabyFit members. If you're interested in joining a featured Team, just click the link below for more information! Here are the latest Featured MommyTeams:

Pet-loving mommies: For mommies who must share their attention with their pets as well! Only real animal people would understand!

Babywearing mamas:This will be a fun place for mamas who love to wear their babes to share their favorite carriers and offer advice to new mommies on great carriers!

Shopping MommiesShopaholics Unite! Share bargains, finds and great products for Little Ones and Mommies alike.

Get that body back! Hold each other accountable, get tips and tools to support healthy weight loss while breastfeeding!!

If you have an idea about a team you'd like to start, first do a search to see if it already exists. If it doesn't, then consider starting one! If you'd like to browse the other teams on the site or want to start your own, check out the MommyTeams Directory to get started!
Check out the full story on MommyTeams to learn more.

Hey, Moms! We need more Featured MommyTeams! We know you're on plenty of teams. Tell us which ones are your favorites and why. They might just be featured in an upcoming BabyFit article.

Suggest a MommyTeam for us to feature here!
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