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Iron May Benefit Bonding with Baby

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Women who are anemic and have low iron stores following delivery are more likely to suffer from post partum depression. However, new research suggests that low iron stores can also affect the bonding process between a mother and her newborn baby. In one study, iron deficient women were given an iron supplement, and the bonding between baby and mother improved. Mothers became more involved in their baby's care and more responsive to their baby's needs. This improvement was also seen in mothers who were experiencing only mild iron deficiency.

Babyfit Tip:
Iron is an important component of healthy mother-infant interactions, so continue taking your prenatal supplements or a multivitamin-mineral supplement following delivery. If you're concerned about your iron levels, discuss the need for iron deficiency testing with your physician and check out the articles (in the nutrition resource section) on ways to increase iron in your diet as well as improve iron absorption.
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