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Your Nutrition Plan for Extended Breastfeeding

Customize your Nutrition Program

Now that the nursing relationship and your milk supply are humming along, you can begin to decrease your caloric intake when you start adding solid foods to your child's daily diet. Here's how.

From the Start page on BabyFit, click on Account/Email Preferences in the left-hand column. Scroll down and click Edit My Program Preference, then select Partial Breastfeeding. Click Save & Submit. You're done! The chart below illustrates, as an example, how a woman's calorie range changes throughout the phases of pregnancy and postpartum.

Phase Calories
Pre-Pregnancy 1,800- 2,100
Pregnancy 2,100- 2,400
Formula Feeding 1,800-2,100
Nursing (1-2 months) 2,200-2,500
Nursing (5-6 months) 2,300-2,600
After Weaning 1,800-2,100

*Please consult with your physician or midwife for a recommended post-pregnancy calorie range. These are only general guidelines; each woman's calorie needs are going to be slightly different and will increase in relation to exercise.
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