Make the Perfect Amount of Food This Thanksgiving

So, you're hosting Thanksgiving this year. You know you're going to buy a turkey, and you've probably started searching for casserole recipes. But how much of everything should you make to ensure you don't run out of food on the big day? We're taking the guesswork out of planning your feast with this handy calculator! We've listed estimated portion sizes per person, so simply multiply each serving size by the number of guests you're hosting to get just the right amount of food. (Don't forget to "Pin" this graphic for easy reference!)

Some additional tips for a perfectly-portioned Thanksgiving feast:

The amount of appetizers you buy or make depends on how long your guests will be hanging around. If you're hosting an early dinner, they won't need as many nibbles. Plan on 6-8 appetizers per guest per hour up until the big meal. Veggies and dip, cheese and crackers or fruit are good choices to whet the appetite without leaving guests feeling stuffed before the turkey is even done.

One pound of (uncooked) turkey per person might seem like a lot, but this amount evens out since some people will be big eaters, while others will eat less. This also ensures that you'll have some leftovers for next-day soup and sandwiches!

Side Dishes
When deciding how many sides to make, assume that most people will eat 4-5 different sides per trip to the buffet table. For individual items like baked potatoes or sweet potatoes, plan to have one per guest, with the exception of rolls (1.5 per guest). People tend to eat more than one roll!

Most standard 9'' pies will serve 6-8 people, so make sure to provide at least two pies if you're having 12 people for dinner. Or, you could serve up a variety and send the leftovers home with people (or keep them for yourself!).

In terms of alcoholic beverages, a good rule of thumb is to get one bottle of wine for every five drinkers in attendance, or 1-2 drinks per person per hour. However, the amount of alcohol you'll need may vary depending on how long your celebration is--and how much your guests like to drink--so plan accordingly.

With a little calculating, you'll be guaranteed to have enough food to feed all your guests for your big feast. Happy cooking, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Additional research by Stepfanie Romine
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Thanks for the good info. Report
Thanks. Report
Hmmmm . . . good suggestions, but not sure how I feel about the alcohol. Seems a lot. Report
Wise advice Report
One of the most realistic suggestions for Thanksgiving servings I've seen. Most are too low and I've wound up being embarrassed that I didn't have quite enough food or drink. Report
Very useful post thank you Report
Thank you. Report
Love this article! Report
Great article! Report
Thanks Report
I have two vegetarians in the big gathering, so I'm heavy on the sides. I make sure I have leftovers to send home with the kids and their kids, they are grateful to have food taken care of for the weekend. Report
Thanks! Report
Our family happens to LIKE leftovers. These portions are fairly carb heavy; I'd up the veggies & cut some of the stuffing/rice/pas

But a drink or two an hour? I hope that party doesn't last long or there are designated drivers. Yikes. Report
I always freeze some of my things so later on the next week I can pull it out. Report


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