Printable Cookbook: Our Best Spring Recipes

You've probably heard that seasonal foods are more flavorful and affordable and richer in nutrients.

That's why we selected seven spring ingredients—artichokes, asparagus, avocados, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, and spinach—that are readily available this time of year and created a collection of recipes just featuring them! In this printable cookbook, you'll find 21 editor-approved SparkRecipes, which means you'll learn a variety of tasty and healthful ways to prepare nature's bounty this spring.

Click here to download and print your spring cookbook. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this PDF.)

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Thank you Report
Can't wait to try some of these. Report
Thank you for the recipes Report
Time to get cooking! Report
Thank you. Report
Great Report
Thank you for the recipes! Report
Great recipes to try Report
Sound delicious. Thank you Report
Local is the way to go when buying fruits and veggies. Report
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Thank you!
Thanks for this... I notice as someone did with the spinach, though, that with the artichokes you have two recipes for frozen and only one for (possibly) fresh... and do not specify whether that (the first in the book) is supposed to be artichoke hearts... you can't just "cut up" an artichoke... so I hope folks are not confused by that...

I guess you can't "do much" with a fresh whole artichoke but steam it and dip the edible parts in butter, but you should definitely be specific about meaning hearts, if you do, in the future, because not everyone is familiar with the somewhat-difficul
t process of getting the tasty bits away from the "choke" bits.

Also, aren't carrots more of a regular harvest time vegetable? Only tiny ones are available farm-fresh. Bagged "baby carrots" are not young carrots, they are regular carrots whittled into a special shape, which is wasteful and energy-intensive.

Would love to see peas and fiddleheads in the next version!

These sound yummy! Report
This is perfect for the Easter season and through out the summer months ahead! Thank you. Report