Burn, Baby, Burn Those Calories!

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. By incorporating a variety of exercises and activities into your routine, you can help prevent the boredom that comes with doing the same thing each day. Different activities utilize various combinations of muscle groups and intensity levels, therefore burning different amounts of calories per session.

The table below runs down (on average) the number of calories that various exercises burn, which depend on both the activity itself, and the weight and sex of the participant. Try some of the ideas below to spice up your workout routine. If you work extra-hard one day, take it easy the next and give your body a chance to recover with a lighter activity.

 30-Minute Workout  Female 140
Female  165
Female 190
Male  170 lbs.  Male  190 lbs.  Male 210 lbs.
 Moderate Walking 94  116  138 111  128   145
 Brisk Walking 115 141  166 136 156 176
 Jogging 6.7 mph 419 499 578 505  568  632
 Running 8.5 mph  545 648 750 659 740 821
 Racquetball 250 300 350 300 340 379
 In-line skating 461 548 636 556 626 695
 Swimming 250 300 350 300 340 379
 Weightlifting 81 101 121 96 111 126
 Stationary Biking 250  300 350 300 340 379
 Circuit training 292 349 407 352 397 442
 Jumping rope 376 449 521 300 511 568
 Stationary Rowing 250 300 350 300 340 379
292 349 407 352 397 442
with clubs)
145 176 206 172 196 221
250 300 350 300 340 379
Basketball 208 250 292 249 282 315
(low impact)
167 200 235 198 225 252
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Member Comments

Good article. Report
It would have made more sense if steps per minute and miles per hour were included in "Moderate Walking" and "Brisk Walking". Also, stride length and musculature, bone density, etc. are also factors, even things like age and flat versus hilly terrain, etc. It's not really possible to estimate calories per thirty minutes for walking, IMHO. Thanks for the article anyway! Report
This is somewhat useful. Report
Great article Report
Great information! Thank you! Report
Very informative! Thanks Report
interesting Report
hubby and I do moderate walking every day - twice a day when the weather permits. Need to find some very low to NO impact cardio / aerobics that I can do with my disability Report
It would be really nice if I was a runner/ jogger but I am not. Just like to walk and dance. Report
I have to dust off my skates! Report
The amount of calories this article says you burn running 8.5 mph for 30 minutes is not the same amount the same exercise logs as in the fitness tracker.....hrrmm
mm?? Report
I WISH we could save this article to our favorites, or at least print out that little chart!! Report
Now if ONLY I could RUN I would have this thing BEAT! Report
I honestly don't worry very much about specific numbers when it comes to calories burned. I do wear a heart rate monitor with chest strap, which gives me a pretty good estimate, but all this chart of the HRM gives is an ESTIMATE. All of us burn calories in our own way, and it's impossible to know exactly how many calories you burn with each exercise. Just like you shouldn't obsess over that pesky number on the scale, I think you also should not obsess about your calories burned.

So, instead, I rely on making sure I get plenty of exercise. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and switch it up between Zumba, Zumba Toning (w/weights), the weight machines, and the treadmill. I always make sure I get an hour's worth of exercise or more while I am there, and also that I work up a good sweat. When I don't go to the gym I spend 30 minutes-1 hour playing Wii games like EA Sports Active 2, Just Dance and Just Dance 2...or I go walking on the city's walking trail with friends. Report


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