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Advanced Wood Chop with Medicine Ball Exercise

Advanced Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

Starting Position Hold a medicine ball and stand tall with your legs straight, feet hip-width apart, hips centered and abs engaged. Keeping your lower body planted and torso square, extend your arms overhead and toward the right side of your head (pictured).

Action EXHALE: Without twisting from the waist or moving your hips or feet, slice the medicine down on a diagonal toward your opposite (left) hip. INHALE: Without twist or bending, return your arms back up to the starting position to complete one rep. Repeat on this side and then switch sides to complete first set.

Special Instructions You should master the Classic Wood Chop exercise before trying this version, which requires greater core strength and stabilization. The idea behind this exercise is to keep your body, torso and core strong and stable as you swing your arms across the diagonal. Don't let your body twist, bend or pivot while the arms move. Keep the arms as straight as possible and your shoulders relaxed at all times.

Muscles Worked: Abs, Obliques, Shoulders