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Standing Upright Row on Cable Cross Machine Exercise

Standing Upright Row on Cable Cross Machine

Starting Position Select desired weight. Stand near left side of cable cross machine and adjust that pulley to the lowest position. Place straight T-bar attachment onto the pulley’s carabiner. Stand facing the weight stack with an overhand grip on the bar, arms straight and in front of the thighs, back straight and abs engaged. Step far enough from the weight stack so that the weight is slightly lifted off of the stack in this start position.

Action EXHALE: Lift the bar up towards your shoulders, bending the elbows.

INHALE: Slowly return your arms to the start position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions This can be a very dangerous exercise for the shoulder joint. SparkPeople recommends that you practice extreme caution when doing this move, using a light weight, or avoid it entirely.

Muscles Worked: Shoulders

Exercise Categories: Advanced Gym Machines Upper Body Strength