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Low Mount Adduction with Band Exercise

Low Mount Adduction with Band

Starting Position Make a loop at one end of the band and place your left ankle into it. Wrap the other end/handle around a low mount, like a furniture leg. Stand to the side a few feet away from the furniture, parallel to it. Hold onto a chair or wall for balance if necessary. Shift weight into right foot keeping knee soft and left foot flexed. Allow the resistance to pull your left leg out to the left side of your body to start.

Action EXHALE: Keeping foot flexed, leading with your inner thigh, sweep your left leg across your body towards the right as far as you can. Hold for 1-3 counts.

INHALE: Slowly return to starting position to complete one rep.

Finish set before switching sides.

Special Instructions Keep abs tight and back straight. Avoid leaning back during movement.

Make it harder: Stand farther away from the mounted end.

Make it easier: Stand closer to the mounted end.

Muscles Worked: Inner thigh, Quads