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How Many Calories are in Your Easter Basket?

Easter is the second-biggest candy holiday. So before you break into that Easter basket tomorrow, check out our candy guide. What's your favorite Easter candy?
Posted 4/11/2009  1:21:46 PM By:   : 168 comments   26,122 views
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Before You Bite: A Valentine's Day Guide to Chocolate

You know dark chocolate is the "good stuff," but what should you look for before you take that sweet first bite?
Posted 2/12/2009  2:05:21 PM By:   : 94 comments   10,839 views
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Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Chocolate Pretzels

Know another chocolate lover? Surprise him or her with these hearty pretzels.
Posted 12/12/2008  4:13:48 PM By:   : 81 comments   16,470 views
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Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Chocolate Spoons

A perfectly portioned chocolate spoon for stirring coffee or enjoying on its own is a great gift for the chocoholic in your life.
Posted 12/6/2008  3:03:57 PM By:   : 132 comments   15,354 views
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Is Chocolate Milk Ideal after a Workout?

So what is the perfect after-workout drink?
Posted 8/23/2008  8:30:00 AM By:   : 146 comments   37,065 views
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We Ate It: Special K Bliss Bars

Find out what we think about the new Special K Bliss Bars.
Posted 8/17/2008  2:00:00 PM By:   : 78 comments   18,104 views
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