You Asked: ''Should I Wear Gloves While Strength Training?''

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Many people do fine without gloves, especially for body weight or machine exercises, but if you work out regularly with iron barbells and dumbbells or train with heavier weights, gloves can help you avoid several potential problems. Any kind of padded weight-lifting glove can eliminate blisters and calluses, improve your grip, and provide some protection for the nerves that pass through your hands.

The more weight you lift, the more helpful good gloves can be. Heavier weights put more pressure on your palms and the nerves in that area, so a padded glove can help avoid nerve pain or injury. Your wrists and/or hands are often the "weakest link in the chain" for many weight-training exercises, and if your grip is loose (or sweaty), you may not be able to hold as much weight as your muscles can handle or maintain proper form throughout the exercise. Many people report being able to handle heavier weights with gloves, and heavier weights can improve the effectiveness of your workout.

Likewise, a glove that also provides some wrist support can enable you to use more weight, and also to avoid potential repetitive use (overuse) problems that can lead to or aggravate conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

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DJ4HEALTH 10/20/2019
good info Report
GGRSPARK 8/11/2019
Gloves are a good idea — protection. Report
BABY_GIRL69 6/29/2019
Good info Report
Always wear gloves. Report
PETERPEN 5/9/2019
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KHALIA2 4/25/2019
Thanks! Report
BONNIE1552 4/1/2019
I've wondered about that. Report
GGRSPARK 3/30/2019
...currently. One with full wrist support and another lighter pair that I sometimes use when hiking. They protect me here in Hawaii from lava cuts, and help as well in the desert to avoid cuts from cactus and thrny vegetation. I like the padding on palms for free weight sessions. Nit needed much on a machine curcuit. Report
GGRSPARK 3/30/2019
I really feel better wesring gloves and have two pairs cu Report
KHALIA2 11/28/2018
Great info! Report
I wear gloves because my tarsal thumb joint has no cartilage left and gloves make lifting weights and the rowing machine more comfortable. Plus they look way cool :) Report
Other than light weights (3 to 5 lbs) that have a coating. There is really no reason not to use weight gloves when lifting barbells or dumbbells. Report
I wear gloves becasue of sweaty hands and I really like them. Report
I wear gloves to keep from getting calluses. I use TIG gloves from welding supply stores because they fit well and are thin and soft but still tough enough to protect my hands; I cut the long cuff halfway off. Plain leather work gloves are fine too (like the ones in my picture). Something about leather gloves just seems to make you feel stronger.

A potential advantage of gloves not mentioned here is that the gloves should reduce the spread of germs to your hands. I put sanitizer on my hands occasionally before putting them on to keep the inside sanitized and put it on the outside too. The gloves are not a panacea I'm sure, but they can't help but do at least some good. Report
I like the fingerless gloves for weight training. Or maybe they're "quarter-finger" At any rate, with gloves I don't have to remove my rings, and they prevent blisters and caluses. Report
That's a good idea when lifting dumbbells thanks for the article Report
Thanks for the article! Report
I wear gloves it gives me a better grip. Report
My wife bought me wrist stabilizing gloves and lifting has been so much easier. I have incredibly weak wrists and sprain them easily, but the gloves have helped me keep proper form and I don't think I've had a sprain since I started using them almost 9 months ago. They're also great for eliminating calluses while rowing. Report
Like Carol, I mostly wear gloves because of my sweaty hands. Report
I usually used gloves at the gym. I wore out one pair and bought another. My hands tend to sweat, and that's no fun. Report
Any glove recommendations for women that help grip and have wrist support? Report