When Does Plastic Surgery Go Too Far?

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Heidi Montag is an MTV reality star who has been in the news recently. She's on the cover of People magazine, discussing the 10 plastic surgery procedures she had (all in one day) a few months ago. She's been flooded with negative feedback from people who think it's excessive, unnecessary and even potentially dangerous. My opinion has always been that people should do what makes them happy. But is there a point where it becomes too much?

In the People issue, Montag defends her decision, saying "I just want to be as beautiful as I can be, inside and out." She feels she basically looks the same, but is just an improved version of herself. Montag doesn't think this should set an example for other young people to follow, since they aren't in the entertainment industry where appearance is such a big part of success.

Experts say that risks of complications rise after a patient has been under anesthesia for more than six hours. Montag's procedures are also drawing controversy because they took over 10 hours to perform.

I think it's important to be happy with who you are. If that means having some "work" done to make someone feel better on the inside, then who am I to judge whether or not its okay? But I see this situation a little differently. This young woman is 23-years old, and in my eyes, was beautiful to begin with. I know that the decisions I made at 23 and the decisions I'd make today are not the same. So who's to say she won't regret what she's done in a few years? I see a difference between doing small things to improve your confidence, and doing a lot of things that start to completely change what you look like. Personally, I prefer a natural look with imperfections versus a "Barbie" appearance. I think those differences are what make each of us unique.

Many of the comments I've seen about this situation are very negative and sometimes harsh. More than anything, I feel sorry for her. To see that many imperfections in yourself that bother you so much you want to have them surgically changed is kind of sad. I'm not saying I would rule out plastic surgery for myself or judge anyone else who does. But this seems beyond the normal scope of doing something to improve your self confidence.

What do you think?

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she doesnt look any better for it!!!! i had a breast reduction because the weight of my chest was hurting my back but superfical surgery can get out oh hand sometimes Report
others should not do this because... she is in the entertainment business and looks are important- hmmmmm - forgive me for being so outta touch but... is she a model? and actress? other then having a claim of 10 plastic procedures in one day what has she done.? does she volunteer? serve ? I mean are we really giving her all this attention? and her only 15 minutes of fame is 10 surgeries...wow imagine that.... and we have 23 y/o men and women giving up their lives in a foreign country? we have people being arrested for trying to do the right thing in Hatii and yet she is on the cover of a news mag for surgery?? what next? Report
strange looking thing, her. Report
This girl has done nothing but look like a fool. 23 by the time she turn 40 she will be a mess,even more than she does now.This is sad outlook on girls. Report
I watched "The Doctors" for a few weeks, but stopped because I got tired of them pushing cosmetic procedures. Report
I too think she was prettier before the surgeries. I think it's sad that she felt and was advised by those close to her to mar her true beauty. They aren't healthy people for her. A person I greatly admire once told me, you are who you hang around. She must be hanging around some pretty artificial people. Report
I think that people that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. simple as that. Report
it's sad because we live in a very physical society right now and to some people you have to look a certain way to fit in. Hollywood is fantasy island, normal people just don't go to Dr.'s office and have 10 procedures done in a day. I mean it's not like braces or just getting nose job or a mole removed. These people are changing the way they look almost completely. It's really dangerous because a lot of these procedures are considered major surgery. But who am i to judge Report
she got issues and looks like a barbie Report
I feel bad for the girl. She obviously has some serious self esteem issues. Report
Her and Spencer are about as useless as Paris Hilton, but these two are even WORSE! They have no filter on their disgusting mouths. And she looks HORRIBLE now!!! Report
Before she was really cute; now she looks like a slut. I guess it's whatever helps you sleep at night. Report
Heidi and Spencer are not willing to let their 15 minutes of fame end. They will do whatever they have to, to make sure that their names continue to be in the magazine racks you see when you are checking out at the grocery store. Report
I agree with TREEGIRL78!! I can't believe I am even commenting on it! I'm so tired of celebrities and even more tired of these pseudo-celebs and what they will do just for attention! She'll end up looking like a freak like poor Michael Jackson did. The doctors should learn how to say no. It really is none of my beeswax and she is going to do what she is going to do no matter what is said, so.... Would I have plastic surgery? Yes, but only for nips and tucks and maybe a lift... Report
I can't believe she went through all that surgery. I truly believe she looked better before the surgeries. 23 my God she isn't even done maturing. And you know what they say, we get better with age.... MISTAKE!!! and horrible Role Model Report
She won't realize and regret until she wakes up and kicks Spencer to the curb. He seems to be the so called "brains" of the duo. Report
I agree with Jen - I find it really sad that at 23 this beautiful young lady has no idea what beauty really is! And if she is this critical of herself at 23, what will she think when she is 40?

I think too often young people don't even know themselves before they start having work done. I wish counseling would be mandatory before and after a surgical procedure. Report
I'm so sick of Heidi and Spencer. Report
Has she never heard the expression, "you have to be pretty on the inside"? There are so many people that have little or nothing and this bimbo is wasting money on herself?? Report
I have no problem with people wanting or deciding to have cosmetic surgery to "improve" appearance. It has truly been a blessing for many. She was a beautiful, easily recognizable young woman pre-surgery. Post-surgery? She is plastic-looking now, and not so easily distinguishable from a lot of others. But it isn't my opinion that's important. It's whether or not she is satisfied. Report
I had my nose fixed in college because it didn't fit with the rest of my face and I'm really glad I did because it gave me a lot more confidence. (I'd gotten a lot of teasing when I was younger)
That said, this chick was a Barbie Doll before the surgery and now she looks hilarious with those beach balls stuck on her chest! What a waste of money. Report
OK I feel horrible for the ones leaving such aweful comments! If anybody had read the mag. you would know that yes it was 10 procedures but most people dont consider botox surgical! And I am wonder if anyone one hear had their nose broke wouldn't you get it fixed too! Not to mention I was in junior high and high school I was teased daily for being fat when I was a size 5! Teenagers are horrible to eachother! Girls would MOO at me when I walked by! I have forgiven the horrible girls in high school but when I was 23 I would have done the same thing just so I felt better about myself!! STOP judging people who have been teased growing up because all you are basically doing is teasing them all over again! Oh and btw Spencer didnt want her to have the surgery! He loved her the way she was before any surgeries! Also if you look at some of the pictures she actually looks like Faith Hill now! Report
I can't help but think how the money she spent on surgical procedures for the sake of vanity could have been spent to help a low-income person or child with the need for lifesaving surgery. Someone needs to get their priorities in order! Report
Each to their own without a doubt. It doesnt matter if we are adding produce to our shopping cart, or trading in a well loved "old" car~somebody is going to have an opinion that is most likely opposite to what we are thinking or feeling. Having lost 186 lbs to date with 50-60 remaining I do have plans to have a couple things done. It isnt something I've even considered discussing with anybody but my doctor, who has been my #1 inspiration as I've succeeded. My husband is open minded, accepting of me just the way I am, but also encouraging that life is "ultimately lived" without goals that each one of us set ourselves. Hooray for him~there wont be a battle brewing. ha!

~SmilinDi~ Report
let us not judge her for her actions alone. Let us reason with her and the surgery themselves....What would you do if you felt the way she did? Report
I think she has some mental problems.....so sad. She should work on her self esteem rather than her body. I can understand a person that has loss a tremendous amount of weight taking care of excess skin, but we should try to love who we are, before going under the knife! Report
I got a breast augmentation a couple years ago and couldn't be happier. But hell, I was in my 40s when I did it. It's very sad, though, when young people don't feel good about themselves because of what society says they "ought" to look like, not realizing they're beautiful the way they are. 10 procedures in one day - indeed. Report
I don't think I would get anything done. A voluntary surgery? No way! Report
I liked how she looked before. From what I have read, it sounds like her husband's opinion played a large role in her getting all that stuff done. The things we don't do for our husbands...I think she looked better before!!! Report
I like to see a person who looks like they've lived their life. I'm a bit of an artist, and I think that wrinkles, bags, and whatnot add interest to a face. I like to see people who've lived their life and can live with the outward signs of it. Of course, we are all affected by the messages we get within our society -- the thinner the better, the smoother your forehead the more attractive you are, etc, etc. I want to be thinner. I want to look good in my clothes and be attractive for my husband. But even more than that, I want to be around in 20 years -- I want to be with my husband and kids and maybe a few grandkids. That's what motivates me. And if I have a few more wrinkles, I will consider them badges of a life spent smiling, laughing, and maybe even crying a bit. Report
I would definitely have the dark bags under my eyes fixed if I could afford it. But I can't, so I won't.

But as far as Heidi goes, the old expression " You pays your money, you make your choices." You will always have to face the results of whatever choices you make. I won't judge, I haven't walked a mile in her shoes! Report
I would definitely have the dark bags under my eyes fixed if I could afford it. But I can't, so I won't.

But as far as Heidi goes, the old expression " You pays your money, you make your choices." You will always have to face the results of whatever choices you make. I won't judge, I haven't walked a mile in her shoes! Report
It's interesting how many people think the surgery made Heidi Montag look older. I don't think it's because it actually aged her features...it's because we've now become conditioned to seeing older celebrities with plastic surgery. In Hollywood, the new signs of aging include the development of an expressionless forehead and arched eyebrows from botox injections, and an unnaturally sharp jawline from a facelift. Report
i'm glad that i don't dislike myself so much that i have to change it to become more appealing in the eyes of others. the only cosmetic surgery i would like to have is to rid my body of the excess skin due to weight loss. however, i'm afraid of surgery and the drugs they use so i don't see myself doing that anytime soon.

i think she has some issues going on within herself and her life that pushed her to go to such extremes. i think her surgeries were unnecessary. Report
I agree with feeling sorry for her. How can a 23-year-old see themselves in such a negative light? I know I have imperfections but it's cheaper to accept who you are and not apologize for being something others want you to be.

I also think that the whole "it's the industry" thing is such bunk. My self-respect is not for sale and I'm not willing to trade that in for short lived fame and fortune. Report
I only wish I could afford 2 procedures as I have been doing well on eating right and exercising at least 4 X's /wk ... but certain things just WON'T go away! I would like a breast reduction and a mid-section liposuction ... I have a heavy trunk due to a lot of bad behavior in the past ... and it just does NOT want to go away!!! I'm 55 ... and I don't have to look like Mrs Santa Claus, do I?

(PS. bad behavior means I was a speed freak and controlled my weight this way ... and now that I'm done w/ that, I look like I'm pregnant ... no matter how much I exercise!) Report
Don't they have to have therapy before undergoing that much surgery? I think it makes her look older then her 23 years. Report
I've heard of the 'Barbie doll' lady before. There's also a 'Ken' out there too. A hairdresser who was really good looking but he's totally wrecked his good looks with too much plastic surgery. Can't remember his name. Anyway, I've had two plastic surgeries. One when I was 12 on my ear to put a crease in it. Born like that. And my father shattered my chin when he was having a drinking bender so I had to get all the old chin taken out and a chin inplant. I have never paid for a surgery and don't think I ever would. Age only matters if you're cheese or wine. The person who really scares me is that 'cat woman'. I'm sure you all know who I mean. She actually looks like a cat now from so many surgeries! Scary. Report

She says she almost died... not mentioned in this blog. Argh- to almost die to get slightly bigger tits, change your eyebrows & chin, etc, etc, etc.
Ack. Report
Ten procedures at 23. I wonder what she will think that she will need at 40. I guess I have a new example for my children on what NOT to do. She has money, can she not find a shrink and why would a doctor let her go through all of those procedures without seeing one. He finished med school and yet he couldn't figure out that his patient has a bigger problem. Can we spell MONEY was more important than her health? Go figure. Report
That is way too many procedures to do in one day. When I heard about this on the news I was shocked. I have had a breast reduction but I was a 38 P (yes that is correct) and went down to large C. I had neck pain and headaches for years. Even after they did that surgery I still had to have neck surgery 2 yrs later because the spinal cord in my neck had been compressed from carrying all the weight for so many years. I could not even exercise then. But having something done because it is a matter of life quality is entirely different then having multiple cosmetic surgeries done at the same time. Very dangerous Report
I don't even know who this girl is as my TV viewing is limited to Sesame Street. I feel everyone has the right to choose, but where are the doctors saying I won't do procedures over six hours? They need to live up to the Hippocratic oath, first do no harm. Report
I think Heidi made a poor choice. To me she looks like a robot now. A robot covered in flesh. She needs therapy I think, which most plastic surgeons require, don't they? Report
In the article, she definitely looks older than her 23 years... she looks more like a playboy bunny, then anything else now. She quadroupled the size of her breasts and ultimately reconstructed her face... She doesn't look anywhere the same. Sad thing is, I seriously doubt that she will be "happy" with herself now and don't even want to imagine what happens in 15 years or so when the signs of aging start (I don't know how they will battle with her 'plastic' exterior though) what a shame. Report
Sad part is that this is not the end of it, in a short time she will find other imperfections that she will want to deal with and it goes on and on!!! Report
I saw pictures on People & I don't think she looks like herself at all. It's too bad that she feels the kind of pressure that drives people to do these things.

And it's too bad that there are doctors who are unscrupulous enough to take the money to do them.

Some people have too much money and not enough contentment with life. Report
The sad thing is, there are so many other young female actors and older ones too that are trying to get Hollywood to see past this Barbie doll type image and focus more on their talents etc. yes I believe whether she does or not,she is setting an example on what constitutes a beautiful person. I believe that a person has the right to do what they want to themselves. I think these doctors that do these procedures are unethical. AND just as in the case of MJ, I bet we'll hear of lawsuits from the families of this young lady in the future when she does eventually kill herself from this obsession. Then it will be the Dr's fault. I think it is all a bit nutso!

Years ago a girl that I was working with was in hysterics cause she just turned 33 and hated her looks etc. etc. etc. Everyone went around the room asking each other what plastic sgx they'd have done if they had the $$. I am physicall flawed with scars and other imperfections etc. I was asked what I would do differently to my body...I said lose about 20lbs. they all rolled their eyes at me and the conversation ended abruptly! Report
"You" are not beautiful if you aren't yourself. Report
At an age when my face is falling and I still feel young on the inside, I would get a face lift as I know it would boost my spirits daily when looking in the mirror. However, when I was as young as this girl is, there is no way I would put myself in jepardy as she has with such long surgery. Now that being said, I will acheive my weight goal and then comes the HAPPY face! Report
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