What Healthy Food Do You Want to Learn to Like?

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I pride myself on being an adventurous eater. During my travels (in my omnivorous days), I ate some pretty wacky foods: still squirming raw squid, sea squirts, pigs' feet, squid ink bread, horse sausage (I didn't know what it was until it was too late), quail eggs, foie gras, pheasant, goat, sweetbreads… you name it, I've tried it. I try to give every food a fair shot, and I'll eat anything once.

There are very few foods I don't like. There are foods I can't eat (peanuts and cashews) because of allergies, and there are foods I won't eat (overly processed foods and sugar substitutes) because of personal taste.

Even if I've decided that I don't like a food, I'll still eat it if it's served to me (especially if I'm traveling in a country where it's impolite to refuse food). I think I've found one exception to that rule.

Sprouts. Ick.

I'm a member of a food co-op. Each Sunday night we gather for "family dinner," which I what we've nicknamed our weekly potlucks. Each week, someone brings a flat of pea sprouts to the potluck. Most everyone snips a few handfuls and chomps on them raw. I can't get past the bitter taste. I choke them down because I know they're good for me, but I really don't like them.

They soil perfectly delicious vegetarian sandwiches, clump together in unattractive brown bunches on salads and impart a bitter flavor to all they touch.

I really wish I could find a way to like them. (Any tips?)

I know there are plenty of other fish in the sea… I mean, plenty of other vegetables in the farmers market.

So tell me: What healthy food would you like to learn to like?

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YMWONG22 2/24/2020
Good article. Report
Raw broccoli. I love broccoli when it's lightly steamed or sauteed, but eating raw broccoli feels like eating trees. Report
BEANS! I like green beans as long as they are cooked al dente, and I like hummus but I do not like chick peas in whole form, I also like coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans. I have tried to give beans a change, with an open mind, honestly I have!!! Beans, lentils, and legumes I just don't like no matter how many times I try them. Oh I like tofu, just not edemame. Report
cottage cheese Report
I would love to like melon, but I can't stand any of them. As a kid, I ate watermelon on those occasions when it was whipped out as a treat, but I just don't like it. Tastes like sweetened cucumbers, and it took me many years to like cucumbers too. Report
brown rice is just not my thing Report
Frozen veges. I know they don't sacrifice nutrition, but I still can't bring myself to use frozen. . . Report
A wider variety of fish. Report
Brussel sprouts! Report
I do like pretty much any kind of vegetable. There are a few that I will eat: lima beans, cucumber, lettuce, corn and potatoes, but I can't stand the majority of them and it could possibly be because of the way I was raised since my mom doesn't like fruit or vegetables so she never really had them in the house for us to eat as we were growing up. Report
I used to hate beans and my goal in 2009 was to learn to like them....and I have. Slowly I have eaten them, tried different textures and preperations and I can say, I like most but still don't care for the texture of refried. Today, I still don't like the taste of bell peppers. Report
Beets...but I just can't...ugh (shudder) Report
I think I couldn't find a healthy food I don't like. One thing I cannot eat without anything else are avocados. I need to add some sugar to it (yeah, in Brazil we like our avocados sweet). But then I can eat it.
And I'm a vegetarian, not because I don't like meat, or because it'll make me fat, but by principles. I used to not like to eat stomach or tail, but that was it.
So I guess I'm lucky! I like everything else! Report
I hate celery. I remember as a kid at school other kids would whip out their celery & PB *yuck* Hate the consistency of yogurt in my mouth but have no problem with the drinkable kind. Grapefruit, is always bitter to me now matter how many times people explain to me how you're supposed to eat it.
Usually if it looks bad I won't taste it. Report
beets and cottage cheese. i have this recurring nightmare about cottage cheese (i won't gross anyone out with the details) but i just can't eat those things. i will however try anything once and if those items are cooked in a dish will not deter me from trying it at least once. Report
I wish I could tolerated beans. I never have like them and to this day can not stomach the Idea of eating green beans, baked bean, peas or any other beans. One other thing is Liver, I remember my mom making it in a variety of ways but still could not get past the dry taste that stuck in my throat. Report
I wish I could tolerate sweet potatoes. They are supposed to be a healthy way to kill a sweet tooth..but yuck... Report
Tofu - I was told soy products will help lower my cholesterol. I was on a soy streak and someone said tofu in a stir fry instead of meat is fab. Y_U_U_U_C_K. I almost tossed my cookies, and the stir fry DID get tossed. How can anyone eat that stuff? Soy milk not so hot either - tried the vanilla and it's not bad. Report
Can't eat Bell Peppers, they do something to my stomich and I will burp them for two days. Don't like crunchy onions(if cooked soft, I can tolerate them)
Beets make me gag and my body will go into the ick convulsion, where you shake uncontrollably for a second. If you can get the dirt flavor out of them maybe I would be able to eat them. Report
Tomatos! I can't stand tomatos and if I eat anything that has them (including salad) I pick them out. Something about the texture just really grosses me out. I know that they're very good for you but I just can't stand them! Report
Onions!! Although, I sometimes use them when I cook I make sure I cut them big enough for me to pick out. Things like pepper steak they are cooked enough to where I can leave them in, but anything else they need to be picked out. It really bothers me because I know I'm missing out on alot of other things because I don't try anything that has onion in the ingredients. I like the flavor it gives some foods but if i bite into one it make my stomach turn! :( Report
I would truly like to learn to live fish, to even be able to tolerate one kind. I have tried and I just cant. I dont like beef either but hey thats a good thing I guess, I get so bored eating turkey and chicken all the time and I keep trying to re introduce fish but I just cant hack it Report
Soy milk makes me shudder- I've tried different flavors- I can tolerate it if its heavily disguised in a smoothie, but just can't swallow it alone.
Raw carrots- I can chew them up, but I have a hard time swallowing- I remember as a small child keeping them in the back side of my mouth for a day. Report
Bananas, I do not like the flavor, texture, or smell. Weird but true. I know they are a great source of potassium and now research is showing helps with weight loss. Report
As silly as it probably sounds to the majority of people in the world, my dislike is lettuce - all sorts of lettuce. Unless its stashed in a salad sandwich with something with flavour ie. tomatoes and beetroot etc, then I don't like eating it. This means that "diets" never appealed to me in any way, and I don't eat most salads that people serve up at BBQs etc.

I need to get past this because its good for me, and good for my waistline :) Any hints? Report
I love cabbage, beets, spinach, cream of wheat, but I can't swallow Cottage Cheese, I learned to like collard greens, raw sweet peas, raw fruit of any kind. I rarely eat meat anymore and I love certain fish products. I love cheeses. I'm weak when it comes to certain candies, I don't know how good the sugar free are, but that's what I've been eating. I've had a weight problem since I was a child and when I graduated from High School I weighed 162 lbs. I've done some yo-yoing, but it's usally anywhere from 7 to 10 lbs. I'm aging and due to my physical difficulties everything is going south and my muscles are almost gone. I so want to get fit again, because I know how much better I'd feel, both physically and most of all mentally. I'm excited about all these many programs and most I hope I'll gain friendships here that will be willing to be-friend me. Report
I would like to learn to like salmon. Report
I've tried to eat beets, they just won't swallow! I've trained myself to like liver and salmon (don't like and don't wish to like field greens, too bitter, can take/leave sprouts) but I've only once been able to eat anything beetish and that was just this summer when it was made into some sort of salad, kind of cole slawish. Report
I would love to be able to eat bananas. I love the flavor and the fact that they are loaded with potassium. It's the texture I can't take- the way they get mushy as you chew them. Report
Cottage Cheese its the texture, gag on it. Any kind of pepper, bell, sweet, hot, just don't like the taste.
Lots of other stuff to many to list.

Seems like something that would be healthy as well as low cal/low fat. I have tried it but just can't handle eating it. I think it is a texture issue more than a flavor issue because it takes on the taste depending on what seasonings, etc. you use. Report
fresh broccolli- i dont even know if im spelling it right- thats how much i dont talk about it lol Report
I am revolted by the texture of mushrooms. I also cannot understand what tastes good about squash!
But I feel lucky; my tastes definitely run more towards healthy than unhealthy. In fact, if all that counted was WHAT you ate, I'd be in great shape! Unfortunately I've got some portion control issues!! LOL Report
I desperately want to like to learn berries. I like the juice, but the texture of fruits literally makes me gag at times, so after all this time, I'm starting to try and choke them down, saying it's good for me. I'd love to get my fruits by all juice, all the time, but I know that isn't as good for me. So, any thoughts or prayers would be appreciated. Thanks! Monica Report
I prefer mung sprouts, if they are fresh. I like them in salads better than on salads. I have been experiementing and I am learning to like acai and agave nectar. Both are nice and I hope I manage not to be allergic. Report
I can't stand onions either and they seriously make me gag, it just won't go down. Most people don't ask about onions if they cook them in something, but if there is an onion any where in the dish I will let you know, it is even true with onion salt, onion powder whatever onion type thing it is. I feel badly when I don't eat something that someone else has made, and I know that they think I am being rude or it is just all in my head but I don't make them eat thinks they don't like so why should I. Also, I wish I liked soy products more, like soy burgers and soy chik patties, but this is probably a less serious issue than the onions I can choke these down if necessary, I am a vegetarian so you would think I would eat that kind of stuff all the time, but I'd rather pass and just have some lettuce or something. Report
I too can't stand sprouts, but it's onions that are my real enemy. They physically make me gag. This is awful out in public, at friends houses, etc. as almost every recipe calls for onions.
To the fish people, my husband can't stand the smell of fresh fish and won't touch it, but if it was flash frozen when caught he will eat it. Odd. Report
I'd love to try seafood, but my mom is allergic. The doctors seem pretty sure that her pregnancy with me caused it, thus they think I have the allergy, too. Bummer! Report
I cannot STAND peaches. Mom let some rot one year in the kitchen and uuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
As can't stand okra unless its fried, otherwise its SLIMY!!!!! Bellpeppers too, don't know why but hate 'em. Report
Seafood. I know that there are so many benefits to eating certain types of fish etc. but I just can't stand the smell!
I can't eat raw tomatoes.
I have tried many types of fish, sushi & shellfish. I don't like any. It's too bad because it is so healthy. Report
Fish. Most of them I've never tried but my mother hated it and by watching her I learned to hate it too. (I did the same thing with mushrooms, too). Report
Quinoa..because of the higher protein content. I have some..it's in my pantry...I just haven't pushed myself to explore it yet. Hmm..maybe that should be one of my goals for next week? Report
I enjoy sprouts with tomato and hummus in a pita. however, I have a very hard time eating salmon. I try it every chance I get but have not really enjoyed it. I keep trying it in hopes I will someday like it! Report
Oh, I love sprouts on veg sandwiches. Try pairing it with avocado. Yum yum! I can't really think of a healthy food that I don't like. *elevator music* Um... I got nothin'... Report
I can't do sprouts either. The consistency of yogurt is like snought to me - I like frozen yogurt and if someone else puts it in a fruit salad sometimes I can do it. Also tofu - no taste - so why eat it? Report
Cilantro is one thing that I just don't like!! I love mexican food but will ask the person for no salsa because it usually has cilantro in it. It's not the texture, it just tastes like grass to me. Even little bits that have been ground down are no match for my sensitive taste buds. So, hold the cilantro!! Report
yogurt. can't quite handle the after "feeling" on my tongue. Report
Celery. It's the only food I abhor. It's crunchy and sweet and stringy and watery all at once. Even worse it just randomly shows up in perfectly decent recipes! I'm not even convinced that it has any redeeming nutritional value at all, except that it's a calorie-free snack. Yech. I've embraced green peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and even spinach! But I just can NOT come to terms with celery. Report