VIDEO: Shocking Before and After Transformation Photos in 5 Hours

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How many times have you seen a product that promises great results for weight loss in a short amount of time? Too many, if you ask me! Not only do they make these great promises, but they have "fabulous before and after photos" to show consumers how their product can help you see such amazing results too. Of course, the photos that they show make their product look like it really works, but are they true before and after photos? I'm sure most people have heard about photos being manipulated in Photoshop, which some may be, but below is a video that shows some interesting insight into how some before and after photos for "weight loss" can be done in the same day (within 5 hours of each other, without Photoshop).
Please be advised: there is some foul language used in the video, but it is worth viewing as you can see how some of these before and after photos may still be fooling some consumers with their miraculous "transformations."

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Here at SparkPeople, we believe in making lifestyle changes that are safe and gradual so that you will not only lose the weight, but be able to maintain your weight (and health) long-term; we do not believe in gimmicks. Our Success Stories are real members just like you, and their stories speak for themselves. The successes that many of SparkPeople member's have are 100% true and genuine -- no fads or gimmicks here.
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Did you find the transformation in the video surprising or shocking? Have you fallen for any fads or gimmicks due to the before and after photo's or the rapid results promises they make?

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I really enjoyed the video! I think everyone who's looking at those ads and hoping for an "easier, softer way" to get in shape-- should have to watch this video first. I can guarantee you the guy who did the video has put in massive quantities of time, to get into the shape he's got. There is NO quick fix. Report
wow. Report
ridiculous! Report
Yea Right! I Never believe this crap. I have a question , What ever happens to all that extra skin.
You should know that its all photo shop. One of the funny thing they "These Are Real People" So What are the other called? LOL. Report
Wow, that is a huge difference between the two photos! I never knew eating all that junk food would make someone so bloated and, well, looking like a slob! I don't particularly like this guy's way of speaking but the message is good. Thanks for sharing! I'm ashamed to admit this but I do something look at those 'before and after pics' and do get sucked in! I know advertising is very sneaky and uses tricks to get your money but I think in every woman, there's a secret wish to transform into a fitter, healthier and more sexier version than you are now! Hence why such 'before and after pics', faddy diets, gimmicky fitness equipment and appeal to vanity work with people! Of course I want to lose weight to be healthier and fitter but I wouldn't mind looking better as well! Report
As an illusionist once said on a program debunking Chris Angel's magic, "there is no law that prevents me from lying to you." It's all an illusion.

Now you know. Report
Not really surprised--though like another commenter a bit sad. I've never believed in the before/after pictures shown in those ads (especially since they have the fine print "results not typical") but a lot of times you can tell that part of the difference is in things like lighting, make up (for women anyway), angle, and posture. In the before/after video on this blog, for example, the first thing I noticed is that the "before" picture is taken from the side, his arms are relaxed, and he's slouching--which would minimize the muscle tone in his arms while maximizing the belly. In the "after" picture, he's turned toward the camera and all of his muscles are tight--which leads to heightened muscle definition. I hadn't thought about using the effects of foods high in carbonation and salt to exaggerate the effect, but I know that I have gained weight and that my clothes are tighter if I've had a day with a really high sodium content--but it goes away once the extra salt/water clears the system. Report
Okay that makes alot of sense. I always wondered how real thos before and after pics are on this commericals. that is why I love Sparkpeople real people no fake pics etc. Report
I have seen this guy before on youtube, cannot remember what it was about, but anybody that is gullible to think those claims are legit, deserves to be fleeced!! It must have taken longer for Adam's rib to be changed to a woman!! Report
Not shocked at all. This validates what I already thought about this. Report
Not surprised. Sad that there's so little ethos in creating this sort of thing but since when has there been truth in advertising? Report
Not a surprise. I recently saw a new Jillian Michaels workout - her 90 day revolution - that has a bunch of before and after photos. I questioned the realism of these photos because the befores show people with bigger stomachs but the rest of them doesn't look much different than their "now" photos. I think they're fake. It's sad that we can still fall prey to this kind of manipulation. Report
That is awesome..I mean when we see tv ads about certain diet products we believe what we see...and don';t get my wrong i tryed some..and they were bogus...I mean got nothing out of it..expect spent 100 bucks on pretty pink
I liked your video..hopefully people now see how they truly do it ha ha I say Clean eating and working out!! =) TO FUNNY!! Report
I don't know if I was "shocked" by this video. I know there are gimmicks being used all the time. I've noticed some that don't even show the same person for the before and after, just two people with a similar haircut and hair color. Report
You know I had always suspected this was how they did it, now I know lol! I enjoyed this video blog. Report
I thought that all of the "Before and after " shots for the outrageous transformation pictures were all totally Photoshopped. From seeing this video, I can see how a company could say "This is the difference 5 hours can make in YOU!" and be telling the complete truth.

I see the claims on the internet, television and in magazines at least weekly and have learned that in reality, they are comedy - except that they are harmful comedy and play off of a strong desire to change our bodies and a laziness to put in the work that is actually required.

I am going to check this guy out on Facebook. He is "furiously" funny. Report
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