VIDEO: Shocking Before and After Transformation Photos in 5 Hours

By , SparkPeople Blogger
How many times have you seen a product that promises great results for weight loss in a short amount of time? Too many, if you ask me! Not only do they make these great promises, but they have "fabulous before and after photos" to show consumers how their product can help you see such amazing results too. Of course, the photos that they show make their product look like it really works, but are they true before and after photos? I'm sure most people have heard about photos being manipulated in Photoshop, which some may be, but below is a video that shows some interesting insight into how some before and after photos for "weight loss" can be done in the same day (within 5 hours of each other, without Photoshop).
Please be advised: there is some foul language used in the video, but it is worth viewing as you can see how some of these before and after photos may still be fooling some consumers with their miraculous "transformations."

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Here at SparkPeople, we believe in making lifestyle changes that are safe and gradual so that you will not only lose the weight, but be able to maintain your weight (and health) long-term; we do not believe in gimmicks. Our Success Stories are real members just like you, and their stories speak for themselves. The successes that many of SparkPeople member's have are 100% true and genuine -- no fads or gimmicks here.
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Did you find the transformation in the video surprising or shocking? Have you fallen for any fads or gimmicks due to the before and after photo's or the rapid results promises they make?