Video: Roasted Root Veggies, a Fall Favorite

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The weather is finally starting to cool here in Northern Kentucky, and not a moment too soon. The last of the tomatoes are coming off the vines, but we have root vegetables and apples aplenty. My taste buds are ready for them.

To celebrate the change in season, I want to share a new video with you: Roasted Root Vegetables, the recipe for which was inspired by our dare to get you to love vegetables.

We heard that more than a few of you swear by this cooking technique for vegetables, and for good reason: roasting brings out their natural sugars.

Find the recipe here, and watch the video below.

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What is your favorite vegetable to roast?

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I make a little foil pouch, add a splash of water and slow roast carrots. Not sure if you call it roasting when you cook spaghetti squash in the oven, but I do that too. I want to try green beans and a few other veggies too. Report
I am VERY sensitive to bitter tastes so was wondering, which veggies may still be even slightly bitter after roasting? I hear lots of people saying they really like roasted parsnips, though I know these are extremely bitter when raw, so I'm wondering if there really is enough camalization happening to overcome this? I have only ever tried roasted squash and pumpkin which I really love. I also tried roasting cauliflower in a pan with a little water (I don't want to use oil) but there was no carmalization and it tasted very bland... I actually prefered it steamed. I would love to be able to eat more veggies, and hope roasting will help me do that, because I don't eat many simply because I find them too bitter.
Does anybody roast without oil?
And for things like carrots and beets, do they get really soft like a roast squash, or are they still somewhat 'tender-crisp'?
Thanks for any info!!
Oh, I also made a sesame-soy roasted broccoli and cauliflower for the fam, but didn't eat it because I used oil. They however LOVE LOVED it! Report
i like veggies any way i can get them so now ill have to try roasted root
alwhite4 Report
I prefer roasting my veggies instead of boiling (which I NEVER do) or steaming.
Roasted beets are to die for! Peel and quarter small beets (you do not have to boil them first) coat with a little olive oil and sprinkle with garlice powder (not garlic salt) and freshly ground pepper. Roast until tender... they are delicious, like little candy bites! Report
Sounds great I need to try them Report
Roasted Asparagus is my all-time favorite vegetable! Report
We barbque are veggies witch is about the same thing. We have been doing this for years. In fact I use to hate Brussel Sprouts until I cooked them this way with a little olive oil and seasoning. They are one of my favorite veggies now. But I love them all. Report
This sounds delicious! Report
My husband turnd us on to roasted veggies and I prefer this preparation method to any other now; the flavor just jumps out at you!! Report
I love to roast all my veggies I have been doing this for years I now use less oil and use spices no salt.. Love them!! Just like she done it!! Report
My favorite roasted root recipe is beets, potato, onion, carrot and chick peas. It uses the beet greens, too. Report
My mom has a recipe where you use a deeper pan and add Salmon to the roasting. She would include bell peppers. The Salmon is added after 10-15 min. of cooking, depending on how you like your fish--and if you like fish! Report
Roasting vegies is the family fav way eat them! Cauliflower, rosemary and loads of garlic cloves tossed in olive oil with kosher salt--------yummy Report
I LOVE roasted vegetables! Use parchment paper and nothing will stick. I also love Hy's seasoning salt added before roasting. Put a mixture of potatoes, yams and carrots in first and cook for 1/2 hour. Add cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini for the last 1/2 hour. Report
Green beans are THE best roasted veggies! Report
Beets, I love to roast beets. I get red, purple and yellow. They are delish!! YUM Report
I don't cook much but roasted vegetables is something I feel confident in doing. I love roasted sweet potatoes but I think I am going to have to say roasted beets are my favorite. I like experimenting with different herbs and spices when roasting, depending on what the vegetables are accompanying. Report
I LOVE roasted veggies - all kinds! Last Christmas, I roasted potatoes, golden and red, carrots, pearl onions, brussels sprouts, turnips, parsnips and beets (adding beets at the last minutes so they don't bleed onto everything else). So colorful and tasty, everyone loved them and now I'm asked to bring the veggies for all the family dinners. Sweet potatoes work well too. Report
eggplant (sliced)
red peppers
portabello mushroom Report
Potatoes... I do love roast potatoes. Lately, I've been doing more roast sweet potatoes. Love sweet potatoes !! Oh and I love roasting onions. Report
Umm. Honestly?? I've been known to roast anything and everything. :) Report
We were having a large amount of people over for a family "doo" last summer so I roasted a few vegetables the night before and served them cold. It went over beautiful - a little different take on the traditional hot serving. Report
I really enjoy roasting root vegetables. Red beets, golden beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips and FENNEL! Yes, roasted fennel is delicious on its own or in mixed roasted root veggies. Fennel takes on a much softer sweeter taste; you really don't get any of the anise flavor and that sharpness is gone!

And yes, sweet potatoes -mmmm.

I cut mine a bit larger than what is shown in the video. To help some of the cooking, I've found that adding some vegetable broth helps speed up the cooking plus adds some nice flavor. Just make sure to use a pan with a rim! Report
I have a lot of favorite vegetables to roast, but my most "favoritist" is asparagus! Makes my mouth water just thinking of it. The best is the asparagus I pick in the ditches on our gravel road :D Report
I make this for the family quite often, we all love them, the flavour of the veggies is awesome..try these you will be glad you did! Report
My absolute favorite is parsnips! Report
I like roasted red potatoes with fresh rosemary & garlic. YUM ! Report
Root veg are a great way to boost your carb intake. I also make a root veg mash. Report
I love roasted vegetables. They're sweet & full of flavor! Report
Hey Meg how do you like this 80 degree weather? Anyway I love Veggies an this is a great recipe thanks. Report
carrots Report
I made this for Thanksgiving last year and my whole family loved it! Report
I was looking at kohlrabi just yesterday. My friend had some in her garden that grew way too big for her family to use. i took them because I have an adventurous nature but my dh does not : ( We threw them out because we didn't know how to deal with them! Bummer... Maybe I will ask her if she has any more :) Report
I love parsnip with sweet potato, carrot, sweet onions and white potatoes. A little drizzle of olive oil and rosemary....YUM! Report
I love root veggies, am trying my hand at roasting and loving thm. Report
I am new to spark people but I will say this....Roasted root Veggies are absolutely the most delisious way to prepare and get your veggies into your diet!!!!! In fact i am making them tomorrow ! YUM Report
carrots & potatoes. Report
I try to make a different vegetable a week . if we do not like it fixed one way the next time i try to fix a different way . eat new ways . Report
STARPLANET2000 - Turnips, rutabagas, kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) and celeriac (celery root) are all great roasted. Turnips and rutabagas can have some bitterness, especially if not peeled, so pair them with something sweeter. Sunchokes are wonderful, but if you have not eaten them before, start "small" and add them a little bit at a time into your diet - they have a fatastic sunflower seed like flavor, but can be hard to digest if overindulged in. You can also roast all sorts of beets, and all sorts of onions and garlics. Try leaving your onion and garlic in larger chunks or whole cloves to let them carmelize a bit and mellow out. Report
i love sweet potatoes!!! Report
Love roasting a blend of sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. I use dill, parsley, oregano, and garlic to the olive oil. So delicious!! Report
They'll be sweeter than you expect. I promise you'll like them! Report
Chef Meg is right! Roasted root vegetables are d-lish! Sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, yum. Been thinking about trying turnips and rutebega's but I have no idea what they taste like. Anyone? Report
we love roasted parsips Report
This sounds so delicious. I will have to make this soon. I've been doing a lot of roast potatoes and carrots but I could definitely add a few things to it. Report
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