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Make Leftover Halloween Treats Disappear

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You used suggested tricks to avoid Halloween treats as well as tricks for healthier Halloween treats but still ended up with sweet treats staring at you a week after the festivities. Here are some creative ideas to use the leftover Halloween candy and outsmart temptation.

Candy Science - Perhaps you are familiar with what happens when you drop Mentos candy into diet Coke. Someone had to conduct candy experiments to find this wonderful phenomenon. If you are a Mythbusters fan then you may know it has been "confirmed that jawbreakers can explode when bitten after being heated in a microwave oven or left standing in sunlight while still in the wrapper." If you or others in your home love science, use your leftover candy to discover new things about the sweet treats. Who knows, you might be the next YouTube sensation!

Cooking with Candy - If cooking is more your thing, look at your leftover candy to see what confectionary treat you might use it to create. While candy corn ice cream has already been discovered, perhaps you can experiment with your favorite sweet desserts to see if some of your candy could be used as a sugar alternative. Who knows, your newly created low calorie Reese's Cup pie might be the next five star candy recipe on

Candy Construction - While it might be a little early to start decorating a gingerbread house, it is never too early to start planning. Look at your left over candy for potential construction materials – Twix bars or Tootsie Rolls for wood siding, Nerds for colorful doors, or Milk Duds for knobs or accessory scenery options. Put them into a marked bag and place with your other decorating supplies so they are off limits for consumption. Not a gingerbread maker (neither am I)? Perhaps there are pieces of candy you can use for fun and festive Thanksgiving decorations. Maybe those leftover gummies and Lifesavers can become a colorful bracelet for a young girl. Use the leftover candy corn as tail feathers for a celebratory turkey name cardholder for your holiday table. Visit your local dollar store for additional supplies and have fun being creative while using the leftover candy to create a masterpiece.

Repurpose - If science or construction aren't your thing, perhaps repurposing is. Use chocolate bars to melt for baking, chop for cookies, or shave for cake or cupcake decorating. Use fruit flavored chewy candy such as Starburst or Skittles as a creative cocktail garnish. You can also freeze them in ice cubes for use in cold tropical drinks. Do you have wax lips, soda bottles, gold coins or other novelty candies? Think about how you can use them to decorate a cake or cupcake for a unique birthday or holiday party centerpiece. Crush leftover Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers and use them to make Stained Glass Cookies for the holidays. Think outside the candy jar to use the candy in new and different ways.

What creative ways can you think of to use leftover candy?

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Our local dentists do a "buy back" every year ..... $1/lb .... they, in turn, mail it off to those serving our country overseas. Report
We don't have trick or treaters at the retirement complex where we live so I don't buy any. I did buy one bag of snack size Hershey milk chocolate bars on sale and eat about 1 per week which is only 60 calories as my snack for the day. I used to live on chocolate when I was working but worked off the calories--now I don't get enough exercise so had to give up the snack foods. Report
I use hard candies for flavoring my coffee or tea with one dropped into the mug. Just the right amount of flavor and sugar for me. I've also made my own flavored water by dropping a single lifesaver into a refilled water bottle.

One year my preschooler and I "planted" inedible but fun-looking candy a well-meaning grandmother sent us. She had fun digging in the dirt, they stayed out of the landfill, and didn't contribute to anyone's health problems. I've also been known to flush sugar bombs down the toilet when genuinely desperate to get rid of temptation.

One crazy relative sent us massive 5 lb chocolate bars for Christmas many years in a row. One year I gave it to our teenage neighbors without weight problems, after checking with the mom first. The teens thought they were in heaven. Another year I melted chunks of chocolate microwaved milk, and treated all the little girls in the neighborhood to mugs of hot cocoa.

As I get older, I lean more and more in favor of simply composting or flushing excess sugary junk instead of giving it to someone else to eat, as it's really not a healthy choice for anyone. Report
Our church asks everyone to donate any "extra" Halloween candy. It is then donated to a local group that tutors disadvantaged kids so the kids can get a small reward and/or treat. This helps many adults get rid of their extras and teaches the kids about sharing! Report
I take mine to work and leave on my desk....and magically they disappear...LOL.. one co-worker is an extreme candy freak and can be easily bribed to get work done for me !!! LOL Report
Candy at our house gets eaten. I always go the day after and buy 1/2 price & have it put away. I do that after Christmas, Valentines day, and Easter. Report
A couple of ideas: Give lots to each person that comes to the door, especially at the end of the knight. If you have any left over - take it to work! Report
When it gets near the end of the evening, I give large amounts to the kids to get rid of the candy, what is left I throw out...better in the garbage than on me! Report
I've heard of several programs that are collecting candy to send to Servicepeople overseas. Yesterday was Veteran's Day - it's not too late to find one of these programs. Report
My favorite family portrait has us all wearing leftover wax lips (that I snapped up after Halloween), from the 3 year old to the 85 year old great grandmother... such a fun photo Report
We don't buy very much, just enough for the first wave of little ones. When it's gone.. it's gone. We avoid having any sweets in the house. Report
Thank goodness we don't have any Halloween candy in our house. We wern't anywhere that we could give out candy for Halloween so I didn't even buy any this year. Sigh... Report
I cant eat candy or sweets. I throw it in the garbage. Report
My dentist will buy all leftover candy by the pound. My kids love this idea, because they like money better than they like the candy. Report
I give my leftover treats to the Food Bank. Report
I don't celebrate Halloween overseas since my grandsons aren't here so I don't have candy, but when I'm in the USA I only buy for my grandsons since I live in a very rural area. Report
I take mine to work and set it out for others to eat. Doesn't last too long around there! Love the gingerbread house idea. You could get very creative. Report

Local dentists collect it to send to the troops! Report
I have a little one who would murder me for doing this to his candy (which I usually eat lol). This year I used what he couldn't eat (choking hazard stuff) as prizes for good workers at work. Then I dole out 1 piece a day for him. Think we'll do the gingerbread house thing with the rest. Great idea! Report
I threw it in the bin and poured other rubbish on top Report
Around my area there are places where you can donate candy. I know one where they are collecting the candy and making christmas gifts for the troops. Report
We find that giving it away and getting it out of the house is our safest choice. It is stays in the house it calls out to us to come and eat it (okay - not really, but it seems like it). What a dangerous game that is. :-) Report
I give to the local food bank. Report
Good ideas. My kids' old daycare used to give each child one piece of candy on Friday evening when they left. So a week after Halloween, Christmas, Easter, whatever, I'd bring all our leftovers to them to distribute...saved them money and me lots of calories. I drive past there everyday, and am seriously considering stopping in tomorrow with our leftovers. Report
I like the idea about putting it away to use as decorations whether it be thanksgiving ones or for gingerbread/xmas ideas {you could clue things together for tree ornaments or on homemade cards, etc} Everything else meant u were still eating it. I thought the point of the article was how to deal with it without ruining your good nutrition/healthy living endeavors. Indulging in the holidays should be 'allowed' or something u shouldn't feel guilty about BUT u don't want to keep indulging overeating for days afterward. Report
These are great ideas, but I'm with GrillPrincess: I didn't buy any in the first place. The last time I did buy it, I got stuff I don't like and took the remainder to work and put it on the counter for my grad students. The candy disappeared like magic. Report
you mean there is still Halloween candy left? Wow, that's restraint right there! Report
I think I just need to toss them. Too tempting to overindulge. Report
This article could be read either of two ways:

(1) An anorexia victims's bag of special holiday-edition tricks, or
(2) A fascinating introduction (to children? to people in the hinterlands?) to molecular cuisine ...

Wish my consciousness weren't so raised and that I were a gourmet today, after reading this article ... Report
We have this tradition that we make gingerbread houses with the kids the Fri. or Sat. after Thanksgiving. I get sick just looking at all the candy. Each adult is given a child to supervise. (All adults doing this are women. Grandma, auntie, moms, family friends, future stepmom's...that sort of thing.) There can be up to 10 children doing this.
I tell the child that I pair with not to eat any of the candy. And I mean it. First of all it comes from China in these mass manufactured kits. Who knows if that candy is even safe to eat. And it is just colored sugar. That is all it is. It is pretty to look at but YUCK!!!!! I feel IBS coming on just thinking about it.

Anyway, it would be a good idea to use leftover Halloween candy for a gingerbread house because it can be looked at and then thrown out when Christmas is over.

Unless you throw the stuff away, you'll still end up eating it . . . even if you put it in icecream, create a sweetener or build a house out of it. Report
i didnt have the problem of leftover candy..i didnt buy any lol. Report
There is a collection here at work to send candy, snack etc to soldiers overseas. That's where my candy went Report
After Halloween is over, (because I don't have anyone to give candy to) the candy goes in the trash...less temptation for me this way. People get too hung up on 'saving' food that's bad for them. Report
I took everything that LOOKED like something I should not eat and went by a local homeless shelter and gave it all to them. I had stuffing mix and frozen biscuits and of course all the candy. Since this place often has kids there, I hope they got the goodies.
And please don't forget the best thing to give- money. Thanksgiving is coming and they need to buy things for the special dinner. Report
I disposed of our excess Candy in the following manner:

- Coffee Crisp Ice Cream (using Coffee Crisp candy bars)
- Smartie Ice Cream (using Smartie candies)
- Kit Kat Ice Cream (using Kit Kat bars)
- Caramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream (using MacIntosh Toffee)

...and I gave away everything but the last to friends so we wouldn't eat it. Report
Although I did not buy any halloween candy I love these ideas. Very creative! Report
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