The Power of a Boring Exercise Routine

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Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
  • You eat the same breakfast every day because it gives you one less thing to think about on busy mornings when you're trying to get out the door.
  • You drive the same way to work each day because you know the route and the traffic routine is fairly consistent.
  • You exercise every day on your lunch hour because you know that time of day works best for you.
  • You eat snacks and meals at the same time each day because you know that's when you'll be hungry.
There's nothing wrong with being a creature of habit, especially when those habits are good for you and your overall wellbeing. Habits help you get through the day productively so that you aren't constantly having to make complicated decisions.

With so many fitness trainers and experts insisting on the importance of "mixing things up for maximum results," though, you might feel pressure to constantly change your exercise routine. While it's true that you don't want to do the same exercise routine exactly the same way every single day for months and months, does that mean everything about your routine has to change? If you walk regularly, do you need to stop walking and do something completely different?

Yes, our bodies quickly adapt to the same daily activities. But surprisingly, there can be power in a routine that, in general, doesn't change. Especially when you're first starting out, a regular routine can help keep you accountable and get your body used to this new normal of being active. Once you've become a seasoned exerciser, a regular routine can offer a simple way to track progress and allow you to continue the activities you have learned to enjoy.  

SparkPeople Members Share the Appeal of a "Boring" Exercise Routine

Paula (PAULALALALA) knows how she wants to structure her weekly workouts and the less she has to think about it, the better. "I find it easier to keep up with the routine when I know what to expect from my workouts. The workouts I've chosen are the ones that I can see and feel results from. The classes I've chosen are with instructors who don't use the same exercises every time, but are predictable in the way they set their workouts up," she explains. "There's nothing quite as discouraging as going into a class where the instructor feels they have to throw everything in the book at you, and then spend half the time explaining the new moves. I go away from those workouts feeling as if I haven't really spent my time wisely." 

For others, keeping to a consistent routine makes the numbers game easier when it comes to tracking. Ryan (RYAN133HW) finds it easier to stick to a plan and track her progress when she does the same kinds of workouts. "Each morning when I get up, I know today is Tuesday so I'm going to spin, or today is Friday so I have yoga," she explains. The schedule also offers Ryan the opportunity to challenge herself and gauge her progress in real time. "Each week I am aware of how much I improved from the week before When I first started to spin, [for example] I couldn't make it through the full hour without at least two or three breaks," she recalls, "I remember how proud I was the first time I was able to continue peddling throughout the entire class. The first time I came out of the saddle, I can't even tell you how that made me feel."

That feeling of improvement, of getting stronger and of seeing change is a powerful, almost addicting sensation. Watching as your yoga poses improve, your runs get easier and your dumbbells get heavier will likely make you want to keep reaching for that next level. As you start to see what your body is capable of doing, that---rather than feeling obligated—becomes the driving force. That desire to reach a new personal best is a source of motivation and accomplishment that you might not otherwise see if you bounce from class to class or routine to routine.  

In his 30 years as a bodybuilder, Bill (BILLMC6) similarly believes that if you find some form of exercise that you are willing to do on a regular basis, you will see benefits. "Consistency is better than jumping around from routine to routine, since constant change prevents you from really getting good enough at anything to see positive results," he says. "I will admit that I am not a big person, but by doing what I love for the past three decades, with basically the same routine, I have gained muscle, gotten stronger and have a lot more confidence in myself than I had when I was younger."

ANARIE prefers the term "well-rehearsed" over "boring" to describe an exercise program that basically stays the same. "I like variety, but there's a lot to be said for routine. If you do the same thing over and over and over, you reach a point where you don't have to think about it and your mind is free to wander," she says. "It becomes almost like meditation, or like playing a well-practiced musical piece. I suspect that a lot of people who are successful at sustaining an exercise routine over the long term are able to do it because they enjoy exercise as their thinking time."

If you've struggled with consistency in the past and found it difficult to stick with a regular exercise routine, perhaps it's because you haven't found exercises you enjoy. When you like what you're doing, you're more likely to stick with it, that's a fact. If your daily walk is something that challenges your body, gets your heart rate up and you look forward to doing, then stick with it!  There are many ways to vary your walk by adding hills, speed intervals, changing the distance and more to keep your body guessing. Many times your body will give you the signs that it's time to change your workout routine
Everyone is different, so while some people need variety to keep them interested, others need routine to keep them happy. I've been a runner for years, and if someone told me I had to stop and do something different, I'd be unhappy. I have days when I work hard to try something new with my run, but other days, I go on autopilot and use that time to clear my head and think about other things. As with most things in life, it's all about balance.

What about you? Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your workouts, or do you believe that variety is the spice of life?

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ROBBIEY 4/23/2021
Good points Report
LOSER05 2/26/2021
thank you Report
RO2BENT 10/8/2020
Program yourself to be successful Report
COMETALISK 10/8/2020
It is super refreshing to find some kind of affirmation that having a regular routine and habits while working out is a good thing! I deal with depression and anxiety making new things that much more difficult, but I can stick to a comfortable routine. Report
BONNIE1552 10/8/2020
Good to know. Report
I love doing what I love. I enjoy mixing it up from time to time but I love best doing what I love best!! Report
Nothing wrong with being a creature of habit! Report
This was a good article for me because lately I seem to be in a rut. It's time to mix things up and get back to having some fun in my life. Report
I schedule my gym activity for the same time during the week on Tues & Thurs so I vary my warm ups: Cycling, elliptical, treadmill then series of exercises to work upper, core, & lower body w/ some weights & resistance bands. Not all the same - different equipment & done in a different order. Once or twice a month I do something else like dancing, yoga, tai chi, or swimming. 2 or 3 days I also walk in my neighborhood using long or short routes, or go to a local track. It's the routine that helps my commitment to push forward on this journey tho the variety keeps me from getting bored & my body needs the changes to continue transforming. Report
I’m trying to change some things in my routine Report
I love my routine! Report
I do the same classes each week. My gym uses MOSSA workouts. Each quarter there is a new release which everyone does for 3 weeks. The each instructor goes into the older routines and returns with a new one, which rotates every 2-3 weeks. I love the classes, they are well structured, set to music (a real plus for me). My workout schedule doesn't change but my workouts my gym, love my instructors and the members!
A Report
Habits help you get through the day productively so that you aren't constantly having to make complicated decisions.


I and working on making good activities habits Report
Huge gratitude for a healthy, active, smiling larger woman in the photo for this blog piece! She sends a subtle message that every single one of us has a right to be in a gym - and be happy while doing so! More, please. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I'm definitely a creature of habit. Swimming/aquafit and walking either outside or on the treadmill work best for me. Report
interesting!! Report
Good article, thank you! Report
often do the same routine but keep it at the same time. Report
I like my water fit classes because they are different and yet the same. Report
Routine is good for me. When I get out of a routine, I lose my focus. Report
Very true for me Report
thank you Report
Variety is the spice of life! My biggest exercise go-to is walking. I vary the route so it doesn't get boring, but always, always take my daily walk, whether it be outdoors or indoors. Report
Yes, I am a creature of habit and it helped me to lose 100 lbs. Same meals day after day brings me the comfort of not having to decide what to eat. Walking the dog several times a day helped me to lose inches along with the weight.
There is nothing wrong with 'routines' when it works for you. Report
thank you Report
I am a creature of comfort. I like to see the progress I make as I get healthier. It does give me motivation to continue on because I know my efforts are paying off. Report
We are never walking this journey alone, SparkFriends. Report
Definitely something to keep in mind...Thanx! Report
Routines are efficient. I'm not trying to be entertained. Report
I am definitely a creature of habit and the constant chant to change up a workout routine has always scared me because of how uncoordinated I am. It takes me weeks to learn a routine or get the exercises right. And then to have to switch to something new rather than building on what I already know frustrates me into giving up early ir wondering why I have to change when I just get good at something. Hearing that it's okay to stay in my comfort zone and build on it is fantastic news! Report
Great article................Thank You. Report
I’m a creature of habit who likes to only change things up a little to keep myself challenged. Report
I can get bored easily with the same routine. Report
This is me. Report
I am definitely a creature of habit! Report
Finally an article that gives me permission to do things the way I have been. I definitely am a creature of habit. At my age, I don't think it's going to change. And it's working for me. Report
i need variety to keep me interested, but structure is good. Report
Love it! I am like this. If I have to invest the time and energy to change things up all the time I lose momentum. Thank you, finally, for saying it is okay to be consistent but boring! I love my boring meal plan, and I love my boring exercise routine. They both work well for me! Report
I didn't like this article. Report
being a creature of habit and routine definitely has worked to help me stay at maintenance weight the past 5 years. Report
Love this! I have a variety of exercises to choose from every day, from yoga to power walking to working with weights. I'm never bored and can adapt my choice easily to how things are that day. Great article! Report
Great article about building healthy habits! I think developing a routine is better than changing things all the time, because when your muscles are "guessing," they're more likely to be injured. It's not a good thing. You need to build proficiency, by practicing a lot, like musicians do. Also, love the member quotes! Report
I am so glad to finally read an article that encourages me to be in a routine. Report
definitely a creature of habit, though i "shake things up" with a series of videos (jessica smith at the moment, leslie sansone in the past) Report
Habit works best for me and gets me past the "I don't feel like it today" more often than not. Trying new things is a fun extra, and if I enjoy it, it might become a new habit! Report
I know when I get bored with my routine I need to change it up. Report