The Most Popular Low-Carb Recipe on SparkRecipes

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I hope you are having a good start to December! I'm back this week to share fun recipe information with you. History

A guiding principle at SparkPeople is to build features that will authentically help people reach their goals. That's exactly how we came to build SparkRecipes into one of the larger recipe websites on the Internet. In our early days, we realized that many people didn't like to or didn't know how to cook healthy meals. We knew that it was possible to learn how to cook simple dishes that both taste great AND provide your body with the nutrition needed to reach your goals.

This is why we started The site now has more than 500,000 recipes with millions of ratings by members. The recipes are both searchable and grouped in major categories to help you easily find what you need.

I personally love slow-cooker recipes. Slow-cooker meals are a triple-win because they are simple to prepare, taste amazing, and can be very nutritious. As a bonus, they make for great leftovers that you can even freeze. My family puts our slow cooker to regular use. 

SparkRecipes App

Recipes have become incredibly popular for mobile apps. This makes a lot of sense since it's easy to bring your mobile device into the kitchen while cooking, or just browse for great recipes on-the-go. We've been excited to see the growth of the SparkRecipes app, which our technology team continues to improve. We recently launched a new round of enhancements if you'd like to download the latest version of the app either in the app stores, or from this page.

A Favorite Recipe & Fun Favor To Ask

It has been fun to see how many people are sharing our recipes on Facebook! In fact, we recently had a recipe that was seen by many millions of people as a result of social sharing. So, I thought it would be fun to show all of you this tasty recipe and then ask you for a favor. If you are a Facebook user, would you mind taking a look at this recipe (or clicking the image below) and clicking the "Share" button on Facebook to share it with your friends?

Also, we post great recipes regularly to our SparkRecipes Fan Page that is about to cross 400,000 fans. Here's the link if you'd like to "like" our page.

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