Sweatiquette: Answers to Common Exercise Etiquette Questions

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Have you ever wondered about how to handle sticky situations at the gym, in yoga class, or when exercising outdoors? We got expert advice on questions about how to deal with sticky workout situations.


Weighty Talk

Q. "My friend gloats about her recent weight loss. How do I shut her up?"
A. She may be boasting because she feels insecure, but it's annoying to hear about it over and over. Steer the conversation in a new direction: Acknowledge her success, then change the subject by asking "How's your family?" or "What's new at work?" suggests Judith Matz, a clinical social worker and coauthor of The Diet Survivor's Handbook. If she circles back to weight talk, be up-front and tell her it's getting tedious, Matz says. Explain that you're glad she's proud of herself but you would rather talk about other things, like the great yoga class you just took. 

Stomach Troubles

Q. "My stomach sometimes gets upset when I work out. How do I avoid stinking up the gym?"
A. "Don't eat a big meal within two to three hours of working out," says Anish Sheth, MD, a gastroenterologist at Yale and coauthor of What's Your Poo Telling You?Exercise, especially a cardio workout, stimulates your GI tract. So eat a low-fat, lower-fiber snack (try an energy bar) about an hour before to fuel up without inducing digestion problems, and hit the bathroom pre-gym. If you still find yourself running to the locker room for relief, stash our fave new find in your gym bag: Poo-Pourri ($9.95 for a two-ounce bottle, poopourri.com). Spray the bowl before you go, and a barrier of essential oils prevents any funky smells from leaving the scene.
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How do you deal with sticky workout situations?

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OMG I thought i was the only one dealing with this issues!! My bff pisses me off sooooo bad doing this same thing!! It's like even when we try to talk about "my workout" she's still has to remind me that she is doing better then I am! Report
great post and it helped! Report
Regarding the 2nd question, I thought the problem was gas, not stinky poo. If it's gas, take a Di-gel or an OTC helper. And watch out for broccoli, it gets to all of us!

Stinky poo is just a sad fact of the human condition. Ever heard about someone who thinks so highly of herself that she thinks her poo doesn't stink? Sorry, it all does for all of us. Just do a courtesy flush -- leave the scented oils home. Report
As someone with allergies, asthma, and migraines, I would really appreciate it if people didn't spray essential oils in public bathrooms. Report
This looks like a good article. I wish it were all right here on the dailyspark, and that I wasn't supposed to leave the site for the rest of the story. Report
Interesting! Report
I think that people are really happy about their weight loss and that is why they bring it up. Although it is a delicate situation and it is better to live it than to talk about it all the time. Or be one of those people who has given up something. So then when your friend or family consumes your forbidden item. They get the evil eye. It is no fun to live with that, Report
interesting situations! Report
I agree that people may talk about their weight loss because they are genuinely excited and delighted by it. I don't think insecurity has anything to do with it. Report
After reading the answer to the first question, I'm fully expecting another article next month with a question that goes something like this:
Q. I recently lost a lot of weight and want to talk to my friend about it, but as soon as I do, she keeps changing the subject. I think she's jealous, why can't she be happy for me???

So it's all based on your perspective, I guess. Report
It strikes me that getting sweaty or even stinky at the gym is something of an occupational hazard. LOL !

Of course, is that why some men and women wear enough perfume/cologne that you can smell them across the room i.e. they don't want us to smell them ? Not that I'm fond of body odor, but I think that wearing too much perfume is worse than body odor.

I sweat profusely whenever I workout. that's just the way my body is. I don't feel bad about it. I shower regularly and wash my workout clothes regularly too. So, no problems with body odor here. ;)

Q. "My friend gloats about her recent weight loss. How do I shut her up?"
A. She may be boasting because she feels insecure, but it's annoying to hear about it over and over.

I am a little torn with the response to this question. While I agree that one should never gloat about anything continously, could it be that this person is just excited and proud of this accomplishment? Does that necesary means that she is insecure? Report
Not that different from people who keep talking about their divorce. Report
Regarding the second question - is that a sticky or stinky workout situation? LOL Report
What if it is your Spouse who won't stop talking about your Weight Loss? I am glad that he is proud and supportive of me, but I am sick of him bringing up my weight loss every time he talks to anyone. I have asked him to quit, and he ends up angry and sullen. Report
Very delicate situation Report
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