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Survey: Kashi Wants to Know What You Know about Protein

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Both Kashi and the dailySpark understand that no one beats the creative smarts of Mother Nature when it comes to designing food – especially when it comes to creating delicious and nutritious breakfast combinations of protein, fiber and whole grains, plus plenty of fruits and vegetables. That said, we want to know what you think about protein (at breakfast, as well as in your overall diet) so that we can further educate people on the options available to them while on their journey to achieving optimal health and a balanced diet. Please take this brief survey and let us know what you’re eating and why!

The survey will run for one week, and then we’ll launch a Kashi giveaway: one grand prize of $100 worth of Kashi products, plus three first-place prizes!

Take the survey here (it is hosted on a third-party site), and next week we’ll have all the details for the giveaway. In the meantime, leave us a comment telling us which products you’d like to win, and what role protein plays in your healthy lifestyle!

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I've totally given up processed cereal. Kashi or not. I was a cereal-a-holic. I ate a lot of cereal. I think one of the main reasons I've lost weight is because I have given up cereal. I'll still have oatmeal if the mood strikes. I am the kind of person who can't stop at one bowl. So, I will not try the new Kashi with protein. Report
I do love the Kashi cereals and with the help of coupons it makes them affordable to me. Report
We love Kashi products at our house. Kashi breakfasts occur more often than not. The products are worth their weight in gold. Even the frozen dinners are the best! Report
I'm willing to spend money on real food. Other cereals are full of ingredients I can't pronounce, and while I'm better off making my own meals instead of buying prepackaged stuff, I go with Kashi whenever I'm "stuck." Report
Kashi Foods are owned by Kellog, which has comparable food at better prices. Definitely check the labels! Report
My kids love the granola bars, and some of the cereals. I myself don't eat any of the products.
Oh they like the crackers also. Report
I like the Autumn Harvest Cereal with cinnamon. Report
Their HOT cereals are nice in the fall/winter. Report
The cereal bars are OK although I don't usually eat cereal bars. The one Kashi cereal I tried was awful. Taste and texture of packing peanuts. (not that I have eaten them!) Report
I've enjoyed Kashi Go Lean Crunch Bars for a few years now. Plus I really like their cereals. Report
I eat Kashi cereal all the time. Even to the point that if I'm traveling, I take it with me. Report
I just started eating Kashi Go Lean crunch - it is a great cereal! Report
I love Kashi's Go Lean cereal - it keeps my energy steady through long morning workouts. My son likes their granola bars. Report
Both my husband and I really like the Go Lean Crunch. I only buy it on special occasions as we are on a limited budget and the Go Lean is rather pricey :-( Report
I would enjoy the Kashi cereals and bars. They are very convenient on busy mornings when I am trying to get myself and the kids ready for the day. I've noticed that, when I eat a breakfast with a good amount of protein, I stay full longer and am a lot more energized the rest of the day. It kinda sets the pace for how productive the day will be, both regarding work and my fitness goals. Report
Protein is very, very important to me. I normally eat oatmeal and add unflavored protein powder to it to up the protein. It keeps me full until lunch with no problem. I'd like to win anything Kashi to is very pricey and my husband is unemployed so I haven't been able to buy I never see any coupons for their products. Report
I really enjoy the Go Lean Crunch. I eat it in my salads and yogurt. Also a little bit goes a long way. I usually only eat 1/2 a serving at a home. Report
I would love to try the Kashi entrees - I have looked at them several times, but they are beyond my budget right now. I am starting a new job where I will be on my feet instead of on my seat for most of the day, and I could use more options for quick meals at work. Report
Kashi's Dark Mocha Almond bars are tiny bits of heaven- I swear I feel like I'm indulging everytime I whip one out for a snack. Protein means a lot in my diet---I crave it now when I used to crave sweet carbs. I make sure I have a large portion of protein with my three basic meals and then have some as snacks too via a Kashi bar or greek yogurt (sometimes with some honey/almond/flax go lean crunch mixed in--YUM) Report
I would love to win the Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. I have noticed while eating lower fat dairy protein sources and more beans that it helps me to have a leaner physique along with exercise of course. Report
I like the Kashi Heart to Heart but lately I have been gobbling up the GoLean Crunch original and the toasted berry crumble. They are great to eat for breakfast or for a snack. I also enjoy the chewy cherry dark chocolate granola bars. Report
I like Kashi Cereal and crackers the best. Can't find a cereal they make that I don't like. Kashi is the only cereal I eat now. I always give a box to my grandma for her Birthday because it is her favorite also. She always is surprised when she unwraps it. Report
I like Kashi products, but I rarely buy them because they tend to cost more than comparable products. They also have some products with a lot of calories like their snack bars. Report
I love Kashi! They have a lovely variety for everyone. Kashi Heart-to-Heart Oat Flakes and Blueberry Clusters is my #1 cold cereal. I simply add fresh blueberries to it. Report
I love Kashi Go Lean Crunch! Report
I use another cereal for breakfast which has a high amount of protein and a reasonable amount of carbs. I also add a few raw almonds to increase the protein. I always have fruit with breakfast also. Report
I LOVE the Kashi products. I have Heart to Heart cereal with Greek Yogurt every morning. It is easily portable to work and fills me up until lunchtime. I never seem to tire of this combination. The protein addition is a big help to me as I always seem to be low on protein for the day according to my nutrition tracker. Report
I'm not much of a cereal eater, but I'd be willing to try this. Report
I love the bars, and the frozen entrees are really good too! Report
I don't eat much cereal and detest cereal bars. Don't buy many processed foods, so not really interested in winning stuff - but enjoyed the survey! Report
I'd be interested in trying the frozen items, i.e., entrees and pizza, as well as the pilaf. I haven't tried them up to now because of the prices and because I so seldom buy processed foods, but I'm willing to try with a coupon. I'd also like to try the pilaf, but not the cereals or snack bars - I hate sweetened grain foods.
I love the Kashi Go Lean crisp. I add a spoon of protein powder and have some fruit and I feel full and I'm good until lunch time. I feel that the price is well worth it. I'm worth it. Report
I really like Kashi products, but have not been able to buy them lately because I am unemployed and I cannot afford them. I like the TLC crackers the best-they are an awesome snack with cheese or hummus. Also, their GO LEAN chewy bars are amazing for road trips! Since I am a vegetarian I can't always rely on the highway stops for food. This Summer I drove from New England to Florida, and I must have eaten half a dozen of the chewy bars over two days. I also kept a box of them in my office at school for days that I forgot to bring lunch. Chewy bars are the best! Report
I love Kashi, but be careful with some of the cereals because some have a lot higher sugar content like the Crunch Go Lean. Their frozen pizzas are really good too but the sodium is a little high so it's a nice occasional treat. I'm unemployed so I use coupons and watch for sales and stock up then. Report
I love Kashi products especially the cereals, snack bars and crackers:) Report
I too haven't bought any Kashi products because of the cost. But they do look good! Report
I love every thing kashi!!!! The most protein I eat is in the morning because I go by the rule that breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day. I would love to win everything kashi- especially the bars, cookies, and crackers!!!!! Kashi has the best snack bars around -fyi - taste great and the most actual fiber to keep you full. Report
Cereal and snack bars rock! Report
I LOVE the few Kashi products I've tried, sent in samples through the mail. But I can't afford 2 pay the prices that stores are charging to buy Kashi products! I try to get a lot of protein & fiber in my diet! Fruits are essential too, when I can afford what the stores charge for fruits! Report
I learned something about my eating habits just by taking the survey. Interesting... Report
The soft cereal bars and the cereal that tastes like Cap'n Crunch (I'm forgetting the actual name). Report
I actually just finished my bowl of Kashi Go Lean cereal. I tried it because of the amount of protein in one serving. I keep eating because it is yummy and keeps my full longer. Report
Since they're kinda spendy, I haven't tried any Kashi products that I can recall. But they look so yummy, and I'd love to win any of them! I wish I could find some coupons for their products, I'd be more willing to buy/try them. Report
I like Go Lean Crunch and the bars, especially the chocolate coconut ones. The cookies are good, too! Report
I like Kashi cereals and bars. I've tried a few of the frozen meals when I am rushed and they were pretty good.
Protein helps repair my muscles after lifting weights and keeps me full for a longer period of time! Report
Tried Kashi cereal several years ago, but it is a bit pricey for me. Would love to win some in the contest. Report
Love many of the Kashi products. The granola bars are terrific and taste better than most. Love the Heart to Heart cereal, although the Go Lean is probably better (in completeness of nutrition profile). Report
I love Kashi protein bars, crackers, cereal...just about every product. Their whole grains and high protein content help keep my blood sugar level and my appetite satisfied so that I eat less between meals. Report
I love Kashi! I eat their products (chewy granola bars, GoLean Crunch cereal, crackers, cookies) for fiber and protein. I think my favorite is the dark chocolate cherry bar, or trail mix, or oatmeal raisin cookie bar... Report
Anything Kashi is great! Report
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