Stuff We Love: Trader Joe's Harvest Hodgepodge

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I love vegetables. Fresh or frozen, any time of year, I'd take a bowl of broccoli with red peppers or an heirloom tomato over just about any other food.

Trader Joe's has an awesome frozen vegetable blend that is a fall-and-winter staple in my house. Harvest Hodgepodge is a one-pound bag of broccoli, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, water chestnuts, sugar snap peas, red peppers, and onions. This is the best mix of frozen vegetables. And, at $1.99 a bag, it's a pretty affordable veg mix.

I keep a bag in the freezer at work for those days when my lunch from home doesn't seem filling enough. I keep a couple of bags at home for the nights when I'm too tired to chop vegetables but want stir-fry.

Confession: I pick out the baby corn.

Unlike most vegetable blends I find at the regular grocery store, this one is not overwhelmed by oceans of butter or cheese sauce. (Ever read the ingredients on those? There's usually no butter or cheese to be found.) Harvest Hodgepodge is just vegetables, straight up.

Harvest Hodgepodge vegetable blend
30 calories, 0 fat in 3/4 cup servings (5 per package, but it's usually about 2-3 servings for me)
$1.99 for 16 ounces; available at Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's in located in most larger cities in the U.S. What is your favorite Trader Joe's product?

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YMWONG22 9/16/2020
Thanks. Report
All -- I love Trader Joe's Harvest Hodgepodge. Here is my "quick and easy lunch soup" recipie, which makes 2 large bowls of soup. Add 1 bag Trader Joe's Harvest Hodgepodge, 1/2 cup of Minute Brown Rice, 1 can of beans, 2 cups of Low Sodium Spicy V8. Mix. Split into 2 large tupperware bowls. I eat one bowl at 12pm. I eat one bowl at 3pm. I am highly unlikely to overeat at supper. Nice. HTH. Thank you. -- Mark Kamoski Report
Here in RI we have both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, both stores with wonderful nutritious choices, so I alternate between the two, as they are both about 5 - 10 minutes away from me. I love trying new foods, and fresh-frozen convenience foods can come in handy on busy nights, although I prefer to buy produce fresh and prep it myself. Report
I loooooove TJs! I miss it so much now that I'm not living in the states! Report
Thanks a ton...we are getting a Trader Joes in Omaha!!! Report
I love TJs too! In addition to all the great veggies, shrimp, etc, I LOVE the eggplant hummus (I dip celery and carrots in it), the eggwhite salad from the cold case and the garlic aioli mustard sauce - I dip any kind of meat in it and it is sooo good! Report
OOOYUM ! Thanks for the great idea. I'll probably have to wait till fall comes again, but I'll definitely will be trying this out. Report
I actually just recently discovered their cocktail sauce. SO DELICIOUS! Report
We seriously need a Trader Joe's in KC! The nearest one is in St. Louis, and I stock up on as many things as I can every time I go. I just don't get to go nearly often enough. Report
thanks for the tip..this sounds wonderful, the closest TJ's in 80 miles away, but it's worth a trip now and then to stock up on 'good' food. Report
I added a 1 lb. bag of frozen jumbo UNcooked shrimp from Trader Joe's ($8.49) and a quarter cup of Newman's Own Sesame Ginger Marinade.

Sauteed directly from freezer and served to dinner plate in FIVE MINUTES. Zero prep! And soooo yummy. You couldn't order the Chinese takeout on the phone in the time it takes to make your own with this little secret hiding in your freezer :o) Report
I add some zucchini, broccoli, red peppers, and frozen spinach before microwaving them. Wonderful with a piece of whole wheat naan (available at TJ's) or chicken egg rolls (also at TJ's) Report
We stop at TJ's whenever we are in ST Louis... Report
I love TJ's Harvest Hodgepodge! It’s a very popular item at my local TJ's b/c it's always sold out. When it’s in stock I buy 3-5 bags at a time to stock up. It's the perfect alternative to fresh vegetables when time is short. I stir-fry them in olive oil for a few minutes and dash a little basil on top for taste. I can get 2-3 servings from a bag and it taste just as good the next day after reheating in the microwave. Report
Ok, I have been reading all the comments about Trader Joes, what part of the country is this store. I live in the Northeast and I have never heard of this store. Report
LOVE TJ's! I have actually had this product and like it a lot. The frozen artichokes are what keep me coming back. And the affordable prices, too! Report
I love Trader Joe's veggie blends. It's getting harder and harder to find frozen mixed vegetables in the grocery store that doesn't have some sort of fattening or sugary sauce on it. Report
I wish there was one near me... I go to Abertson's they have on brand or another on sell. Most times 10 for 10 dollars just a dollar a bag. So I stock up on them. Great base for recipes or just zap a bag add a little brown rice broth & a quick meal.. Love those bagged veggies always pick the ones with no sauce.. Report
I just love Trader Joe's also. we love the sweet potato chips, the cat cookies. we actually drive an hour one way just to go to one. Report
I love Trader Joe's. I made my first food run there last Saturday. I loaded up on their frozen salmon and cherries. Their walnuts are soooo good. I am going back after work today and I will pick this up for stir fry tonight. Report
I absolutely cannot live without Trader Joe's! Their bagged fresh salad mixes are wonderful - they don't get nasty immediately after opening (like the ones from Harris Teeter do). About 99% of my groceries are from TJ's.
I saw this veggie mix in the freezer case but cannot eat it because of the carrots and corn - doctor wants me to avoid these. But absolutely cannot live without these items from their freezer case: asparagus, haricorts verts (French green beans), chopped spinach, broccoli florets, artichoke hearts, Misto alla Griglia (marinated grilled eggplant and zucchini - be careful it has 120 cal/serving largely due to the olive oil), organic wild blueberries, grilled chicken strips, chicken tenders and cooked, tail-off large shrimp. I also love their Fat-free Balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing and they are my source for Fage Total 0% plain Greek yogurt. It's because of Trader Joe's that I have been able to stay on the nutrition plan given to me by my doctor and have lost over 60 lbs since Oct 24. Report
I loved Trader Joe's when I lived in California. I miss going there. The nearest one is a two and 1/2 hour drive and I have no car. I get my Frozen veggies at Aldi's -- not as many varied as the Hodgepodge. The only thing is I would have to pick out the mushrooms, sounds good otherwise. Report
My son and his GF gave me a basket full of Trader Joe goodies for Christmas.Everything is low calorie and all natural.I have been pleased with every item so far.The only "bad"item was strawberry twists,aka my fav. strawberry twizzlers!I have yet to open them. Report
I love their Mediterranean Hummus too - I dip my carrots in it at lunch! Their Tomato Bruschetta is super - I use it as a dip and as a sauce for grilled chicken.
I love Trader Joe's! Their organic granola bars are the best! Report
Yep, I ALWAYS keep a frozen bag of veggie mix in my freezer. It comes in handy when I am really busy or have forgotten to eat some good, healthy food. I usually make stir fry or roasted veggies (both these recipes take about 20 minutes to make) and then I have many healthy meals throughout the week! Report
I'd pick out the baby corn too =)

And the mushrooms. I have no desire to eat fungus, that even tastes like the bottom of your shoe. lol Report
The Harricot vert (very thin green beans) and the frozen asparagus spears are also very affordable! If you don't like frozen green beans - do try these - they're great microwaved in a little chicken broth.
The bittersweet chocolate is also incredible good -- it has enough flavor that I can do with less, without feeling deprived.
I love Trader Joes - and thanks for this suggestion. I'll use it to make a stirfry tonight! Report
I love Trader Joe's. I buy their rice milk, rice pasta and organic marinara sauce. The prices and quality are great. I also shop at Aldi's for other staples. Report
TJ favorites...where do I start ?!?!? There non-fat plain yogurt is great with their dried cranberries and walnut pieces, garlic chicken sausage with cuban black beans, brown rice sushi, Italian roast coffee, fat reduced brie and havarti, pasta sauces, raw nut mixes, tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, salad mixes, flowers ... I could go on and on. TJ's and Aldi's are my main markets. There is also a cookbook "Cooking with all things Trader Joe's". Kath Report
Thanks for the head's up! I will look for these at the grocery stores I shop at. Report
I go to Kroger and they have a variety of store brand mixed veggies. I always have a variety on hand to have with our dinners. I had "mexican blend" (corn, brocolli, red pepper) last night with our enchiladas. Tonight I am choosing betwwen "asian blend" (broccoli, 'shrooms, onions & green beans) and "stir-fry blend" (broccoli, red peppers, etc) for our chow mein (may just use both). All of these are straight veg - no sauce. They also have some blends with beans that are nice for an extra bit of protein with a vegatrian dinner. These are all $1-2 per bag. Report
I really enjoy the mixed frozen veg.Except the little corn those I do not like. Report
I love trader joes! And I love the hodgepodge, I usually add a chicken burger to it cut up with parmasan on top. Report
Love veggies, frozen veggies are easy to prepare in all kinds of things but not a fan of the baby corn. Report
That...looks really good. I love my veggies and always have. I just got two bags of veggies today...I eat them for breakfast.

Have to admit, though. I've never had baby corn. Report
We use other brands of just mixed veggies, especially one that has broccoli, cauliflower, squash slices, and carrots. We steam it in the microwave and add Mrs. Dash seasonings and it is so good. I will try to find Trader Joes brand veggie mix. It does have more different kinds of veggies in one bag. Report
That looks delicious - I wish we had Trader Joe's where I live :( Report
I love Trader Joe's Harvest Hodge Podge too!!!!!! My freezer is always stocked! :o) Great tip about keeping one at your work freezer as well, thanks! Report
Thanks for this tip! Looks delicious and versatile and a great price!! Report
This was the best and most beneficial tip/blog that I have read today!

Thank you so very much for sharing this info...I need to go now. Trader Joes is calling!

That looks good! Why do so many veggie mixes include peppers?! This just another one that I can't have. I'm highly allergic to peppers! Waaa! ;-( Report
I've had this before! It really is good! I add a little bit of Mrs. Dash and black pepper and it is fabulous!!!! Report
I love Trader Joe's! I'll have to give this a try. Report
Oh great idea! I love many things at Trader Joe's. Report
Trader Joe's also has a good selecton of wines and at reasonable prices.
Red wine is healthy for you (moderation), full of antioxidants. Report
I'll have to try these vegetable next time I'm in Trader Joe's. I do love Trader Joe's Greek style yogurt and there Light Mozzarella string cheese. I also buy their dark chocolate. Report
I've never heard of this brand but want to start trying it. I love vegetables and usually don't have much time to chop and steam or stirfry them so depend on frozen vegetables for my dinners and sometimes even lunches. I have been eating stream fresh vegetables but now am going to try these. Report
Oh! And the cilantro Salad Dressing is Delicious!!! Report