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Stuff We Love: A Yoga Teacher's Favorite Gear

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I get lots of requests from people who want to know what equipment, clothes, and other gear I prefer. Today I'm going to share with you a range of products that I use both as a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher.

Confession: January has been "Wear Your Spandex to Work Month" for me. Between marathon training, yoga practice, and teaching, I wear workout clothes at least three weekdays and both weekend days. I feel like I'm always washing workout clothes! For me, it's important to have gear that's durable and attractive.

Manduka Black Mat PRO ($90)

This mat is 1/4" thick with just enough cushioning to keep my wrists, hips and feet comfortable, and it comes in lengths! (I have the 85" one.) The mats have a lifetime guarantee, and they're sturdy enough to use anywhere!

Hugger Mugger Cork Blocks ($19.95)

Next on my list of purchases for my home studio is a new cork block. I love how sturdy and eco-friendly these are!

PB Elite Molded Foam Roller ($29.95)

Yoga is great for keeping my body loose, but even I get knots and achy spots on my body from all the running I do. That's where the foam roller comes in. I love mine, and it's like a mini massage for my body.

Lululemon Cool Racerback ($39)

These tanks are worth every penny (though I do get a 15% discount as a yoga teacher). They keep everything in place, even in down dog and inversions, they're long enough that I never worry about my stomach or back hanging out, and they're tight without feeling too constrictive. I only have one, which I bought two months ago. I wear it at least once a week, and it still looks brand-new.

C9 by Champion Women's Multi Strap Camisole Athletic Top

I love these tanks as well. They're thick enough that I don't need to wear a sports bra with them, and they offer adequate support for yoga. I have a few different Champion tanks, and I use them on days when I won't sweat quite as much (when I'm in for a longer practice, I reach for the Lululemon tank).

Tek Gear Wraparound Capri Leggings ($17.99)

My mom bought me these recently, and I really like them! They don't move around during yoga, and they do a great job of wicking sweat.

Propel Knee Pant ($58)

These are my favorite yoga bottoms, hands down! They wick sweat better than any other pair I own, they're comfortable, and they're quite flattering. I bought them when Lucy was having a sale, and if/when these wear out, I'll buy another pair without hesitation.

Bondi Bands ($8)

I sweat a great deal during yoga, and my hair is prone to flyaways. When you're working on balance and a hair keeps tickling your nose, it can be quite distracting. Bondi Bands are the only headbands I've ever used that both wick sweat and stay in place. I bought two for $5 each at a race expo last year, and I wear them at least four times a week (washing after each wearing, of course)!

Manduka eQua ($40)

Mats are essential for most yoga practitioners, but for those of us who have a sweaty practice, a towel is just as important. My microfiber towel from Manduka is washed three times a week, and it still looks and smells great. It prevents me from slipping on a sweaty mat and forces me to really engage my core in standing poses.

Nike Free XT Quicks ($85)

Super lightweight, stylish, and comfortable (thanks in part to Nike's Flywire technology), these shoes are great for heading to and from the studio. I like to squeeze in a quick walk (or a run!) before class if I arrive early, and these shoes are perfect for all my cross training. (Disclosure: Nike sent these to me to review. I've been wearing them nonstop for six weeks.)

There you have it. I use these products each time I unroll my mat, whether it's to teach, practice, or just meditate.

Do you use any of these products? What are your favorite yoga clothes and equipment?