SparkPeople Mobile Update: Allow Us to Help You Help Yourself

By , Digital Marketing Guy at SparkPeople

Hi, SparkPeople members!

We released a new version of the SparkPeople Mobile app today, and the new version makes it even easier to track your food, fitness and reach your goals wherever you go! There are a few new features we thought you should know about, so here’s a quick rundown of two big features we brought to the app. Quick Update on 10/13/15: As of today this new version is available on both iOS and Android platforms!

But first, if you haven’t downloaded the SparkPeople Mobile app, go ahead and give it a spin:

Download SparkPeople for Android

Download SparkPeople for iOS

The biggest change in this version is that we’ve added smart notifications to help you track your meals more easily. A few months ago, we ran a poll and one of the most requested improvements was a feature to help you remember to track food on a regular basis. We understand life gets busy sometimes, and even we forget to track now and then.

In response, our team added a new tool, which allows you to set reminders to track meals if you haven’t tracked them by a specified time. You can set the time, you can set the frequency--all these notifications are up to you. If you don’t want the notifications, you never have to turn them on, but they will always be there when you need them. The screen you'll see when you get the new version will look a little something like this:

Another addition we made to this version are the “Community Notifications.” You can program the app to notify you any time another member comments on one of your mobile chats, your blog posts or on your SparkPage. This is a great way to make sure you don’t fall behind in a conversation that you care about. And best of all, just like the meal reminder notifications, the community reminder notifications are entirely up to you--you choose whether you want to get the notifications or not!

The first time you open the app after you receive the new update, you will be prompted to try out the new notifications. On the iPhone, you'll get a message from Apple, prompting you to let us send you notifications. (It'll look like the image below.) Click the OK button and you'll be good to go!

We hope you like these new changes and that they make it easier for you to reach your healthy living goals. If you have any other ideas that would help make the app better, we want to know! Leave your thoughts, comments or concerns in the Comments section below.


Spark Cheers!


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