SparkPeople Instagram Hits 20,000 Inspired Followers!

By , Elizabeth Lowry

We have something amazing to celebrate--and we have you to thank! You must really love us--really love us--because we have reached 20,000 followers on Instagram! Thank you so much for motivating us to keep motivating you!

We enjoy inspiring you every day on Instagram with motivational, laugh-out-loud, smile-inducing quotes. It's our inspirational outlet and we love that it helps get you in the mood to hit the gym, treadmill, park or pavement! In case you missed them, here are the top five most engaging posts ever:


What's your weekend road look like? #saturdaymorning #saturdayinspiration

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That's Monday for ya. #mondaymotivation #mondaymorning

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Maybe not hell...but it can be hard! Keep at it! #thursday #thursdaymorning

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Share your own exercise definitions in the comments! #fitnesshumor #fridayfunny

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I mean, #sorrynotsorry #saturday #saturdaymorning

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Now that you know how witty and inspirational we can be, tell us: How we can make Instagram even better? What would you like us to share more of with you? Food pictures? Recipes? Workouts? Workout videos? Kittens and puppies? Kittens and puppies making workout videos?

Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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