Snacktime! Healthy, Filling Snacks for 200 Calories Each

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Editor's Note: All this week, we're sharing meals, snacks and even desserts that can fit into your daily life. We combine our recipes with simple and nutritious sides for healthy meals, snacks and desserts that are calorie-conscious. You'll be amazed that you can fill your plate and still fit into your jeans the next day. (Find the whole series here.)

You'll need to pick up a copy of "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight" to access the recipes, but we will share some sneak peeks this week--and you can easily add recipes from the cookbook to your SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker, too!

In recent years, dietitians, doctors, and researchers have rethought the “no eating between meals” rule. Snacks are important, especially when you live an active life or are trying to lose weight. If you go hours on end without eating, your blood sugar will drop, your stomach will grumble, and you’ll start to get grouchy—and you’ll ultimately eat your way through whatever’s in the kitchen. Eating every few hours keeps your hunger levels down so you can control your appetite and prevent overeating. Healthy snacks help keep blood sugar levels in check and keep your energy up.

Just a few well-timed bites have a big impact. That's why we included so many snack tips and recipes in "The SparkPeople Cookbook." It's almost snacktime…
  1. Creamy, Tangy Tomato Bruschetta (141 calories)
  2. Tabbouleh (179 calories)
  3. Multi Grain Roll with 1 tablespoon each peanut butter and all-fruit spread (205 calories)
  4. Coach Nicole's Fresh Guacamole with baked tortilla chips and 1/2 cup cucumber slices (206 calories)
  5. Baked Sunburst Fries with Spicy Yogurt Sauce (176 calories)

  6. Sweet and Spicy Pecans with 1/4 cup dried cranberries (191 calories)
  7. Caramel Popcorn with 1/2 ounce dry-roasted peanuts (199 calories)
  8. SparkGuy's  Best Trail Mix (158 calories)
  9. Berry Oatmeal Bars (159 calories)
  10. Tomato Jam on 1 slice whole wheat bread with 1 tablespoon low-fat cream cheese (183 calories)
Do you snack regularly? What's your favorite healthy snack?

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GEORGE815 3/14/2021
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Interesting. I might try one or two. Report
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Great list. Thanks you for sharing. Report
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all of these are excellent Report
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I'm not really a snacker. Report
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Love the veggie ones, so good. Report
I own the Sparkpeople Cookbook so I can look up these recipes, but it would be awfully nice if you would give the links to people. Report
What kind of cereal do you use for the "high-fibre, whole-grain" cereal in the Trail Mix recipe? Report
I often have a Clif bar just before heading out for my bike ride home every afternoon. It's easy enough to keep a box of them at work. I eat fruit too. Report
hmmm.... I dont like that it list a recipie name and gives the calories... but wont take you to the recipie :/ Report
Are these recipes gluten free? Report
I'm reading this while snacking on a fresh orange Report
I don't think I have a favorite snack, but for mindless noshing, popcorn. I have to agree, the veggie plate is a great photo and a great selection. I love the photos in the book, especially when they are of the Spark staff and their families! Report
So glad you like that veggie pic. It's my favorite photo in the entire book. I did the art direction and set styling, and this was such a fun task. :) Report
The veggie plate picture is so tantalizing, I wanted to lick my screen! Veggies are looking and tasting so good to me now that I am using them differently. Will be trying the guacamole very soon! Report