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Hi, dailySpark Readers!

We're starting a new feature on the blog. We want to hear from more of you and share your stories! In the coming weeks and months, we'll be covering the topics below. If you have a tip, a story, or a piece of advice that might be of interest to the SparkPeople community, share it below or email editor (at) dailySpark (dot) com with the subject line: share your story. You can also suggest more story ideas, too. We want to hear from you!
Here are some of the topics we're working on:

Trim Thanksgiving--or Not: Do you slim down your family's holiday feasts or is Thanksgiving a time to indulge? Share your recipes (must be loaded into SparkRecipes), tips, and best advice.  

Holiday baking: Share your tips on slimming down your favorite cakes, cookies, and other holiday treats.

Stress-free entertaining: How do you stay calm when you have a house full of guests on the way?

Heart health: How do you keep your heart healthy? Or, if you've been diagnosed with heart disease, how have you used exercise and/or diet to improve your condition?

Better Breakfasts: How did you learn to love breakfast? How has your breakfast routine changed since you started to make your health a priority? What is your go-to healthy breakfast?

Breast Cancer Awareness: Has breast cancer affected you or your family?

Diabetes Awareness: Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? How have you used healthy choices to improve your management of the condition?
Thanks for sharing!

Do you have any other story suggestions for us? What kind of blogs do you want to read on dailySpark?

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My fitness journey began when, at 42, I had a heart attack. I am happy to report that almost 70 pounds and 1 year later I am doing well. Perhaps more heart healthy articles and recipes. I was totally unaware it could happen to me, so I know there are others that could be helped. Report
A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes and it scared the hell out of me. I almost took it as a death sentence but learned that it is something that I can control and make changes to.

I've used the information to start eating healthier than I already was. I have fun trying new foods, spices, and food products that are better for my body. It's almost like taking a baby and teaching myself how to eat again. Im truly learning my likes and dislikes in the world of food. If something isnt flavorful then I dont buy or make it ever again.

I must confess that having Diabetes is a great excuse for people pushing food on you to show you that they love you. It's so much easier to say "Sorry I can't eat that, the ingredients would make my blood sugar go through the roof." Report
About the breast cancer awareness, I would like to see Spark feature some articles about stage IV breast cancer. I am currently in treatment for stage IV breast cancer that has spread to my bones. There is no cure for stage IV, the goal of my treatment is to stabilize or at least slow down the cancer and keep it from spreading to the organs.

I will most definitely be sending an email about this subject to the editor. Report
Every time I start to lose weight I sabotage myself. I was doing great for about a week. I started to lose weight. Then yesterday I gave a pot luck dinner with about 15 people. Everyone brought such yummy foods that they worked so hard to prepare and then left all the leftovers. I haven't been able to resist eating and eating. I can't say it was the pot luck because itis a habit with me. Every time, like I said, that I start losing weight I sabotage myself. Any suggestions? Does anyone else do the same thing? I am always reading that it is so easy for people to lose the weight but not to keep it off. I can't seem to even do the 'easy part.' THANKS! Report
It's my first day, I'm going to give this a try this week. I'm excited and nervous. One day at a time....I have 50 lbs to lose. Report
What a nice idea! My go-to breakfast is egg beaters (usually 1/2 c) with 1 T of salsa mixed in. Microwave for 1:45 and add to a sandwich thin (I like Brownberry but there are a lot of good brands out there that are loaded w/fiber) along with a slice of fat-free turkey or ham. Sometimes I'll add cheese too! Quick and easy. Report
Great. I gained weight up to 237 pounds. Now I'm below 120#. No wasted money. Just the use of SpsrkPeople and all the members. Thank you to all of you. Report
@ STUFFNEARTABOR. I wanted to comment directly to you on your page but it is set to private. Ads are a pain BUT when I consider what I get for free on SP dealing with them is not so painful! SP has to pay its staff, hosting services or servers, software licensing & maintenance plus all of the normal costs of doing business. I can track my food and exercise here, watch free exercise videos, get advice from professionals as well as fellow sparkers and so much more. When I showed my husband this site his first question was "how much are the subscription fees?" He is still surprised that the site is free. I find the SP community unfailingly supportive, kind and encouraging. I'm happy to be here......even with the ads! Report
SparkPeople is now killing me with the ads. First they put ads in front of the exercise videos. Today I got an ad as I tried to click through to see the recipe of the day - they are pushing me further and further away with 'in the face' advertisements. Report
A motivational one would be good. Emmabe1 just did a blog that would help people not give up even when it seems they are not making progress or have hit a wall. The blog is "I walked 1.3 miles". She is leader of the Chair Exercise group.
I found breakfast to be importance once I started eating breakfast regularly. I discovered that I felt much better throughout the day after having had a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal with milk and raisins used to be my go-to choice, but I'm off dairy now. I still need to try it with almond or soy milk. Now I've discovered egg whites (All Whites) scrambled, on a tortilla or wrap, topped with fresh, cold salsa. Delicious! Or one poached egg and grits with a teaspoon of butter. Or my newest discovery: toast with bacon, avocado, and tomato.

No, I don't have a ton of time in the mornings. With proper advance preparation, I can get any of these things cooked/warmed up and eaten in 20 minutes. Report
I've never been a breakfast eater and couldn't care less about it. What I'm doing for my health at turning 63 is reading "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and understanding why I have Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance and what I can do about it. I'd like to see him or Robert Lustig M.D. be guest bloggers. Robert Lustig M.D. has the series on YouTube "The Skinny on Obesity" and the lecture "Sugar; the bitter truth." His book "Fat Chance" comes out in December. Report
I've got one on the nontrimming of Thanksgiving. How about:

- Defusing family holiday tension
- When NOT to listen to your body
- Facing up to reasons for a plateau
- Weight discrimination
- Positive imaging
- What maintenance means/How to set a goal weight

I could share breakfasts and diabetes awareness. Report
Better breakfast!
I'm one of those people who literally take hours to begin to get hungry in the morning, so having breakfast at home is hard.
The "old" me would swing by drive-thru just before hitting the office, and then mindlessly eat while going through email before starting work.
The new me makes a breakfast smoothie with frozen strawberries, a handful of raw baby spinach, unsweetened almond milk and protein shake mix, which can be blended up in 2 minutes. If I don't have the protein shake mix, I'll toss in a non-fat greek vanilIa or strawberry yogurt. I try to drink this seated at the kitchen table, paying attention to the yummy flavor and knowing it's so much better for me. The protein helps keep me full till lunch, and knowing I had a good start helps me make better choices through the day. Who knew a good breakfast really can help you eat better the rest of the day? Report
I am just starting with SparkPeople on October 1st in my quest to lose 150 pounds. This blog sounds like a great idea -- anxious to start my journey. Report
Great idea! I'd be very happy to share about holidays and breakfast. Report
I would like to have a blog to go to for emergency help when I am having a really bad day and want to give up. Report
Love this! I learn so much from all the other Sparklers! Report
Great idea here!! The value of human input and experience shared can and never should be under estimated!!
I'm sure we'll all have a story to share : ) Report
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