Run Longer and Faster With 2 Workouts from Jillian Michaels

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Maybe it's the convenience of being able to do it anywhere or needing just a pair of sneakers to get started. Perhaps it's the temptation of the "runner's high." For some, the allure of a running event with hundreds or even thousands of athletes boosting each other's spirits is enough to inspire intrigue. Whatever the reasoning or motivation, when people think weight loss, they often think running. 

With benefits that range from strengthening your bones to improving happiness, it's no wonder that people flock to running, either. And once they get a taste of the track (or neighborhood sidewalk or park trail), they often start looking at more ambitious goals that will test their willpower and determination. 

"Most people who want to start running often start with the goal of a 5K," celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels explains. "The problem is that they don't have a good program and can end up with an injury like shin splints or IT band syndrome. I wanted to create the ideal 5K plan that also incorporates strength and stretching to help keep the athlete balanced and injury-free!" 

As with any workout, cross-training is an essential part of running, especially if you're looking to improve your performance and avoid injury. Whether you're brand new to the sport or a seasoned runner who lives for their daily runs, you can benefit from adding low-intensity intervals to build endurance, speed and stamina. If you've been running at a steady state for some time, though, and are confused about where to begin, start with these two interval running plans, courtesy of My Fitness by Jillian Michaels, a new app from the star designed to help people achieve their fitness goals with personalized workouts and unique exercise programs. 

When you're ready to start running longer and faster, print out one of the workouts from Michaels, throw on your favorite pump-up playlist and get to work. 

To print the workouts, click the image to open a new page. 

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KATHYJO56 9/19/2020
I can only do walks and sometimes fast walks, but I can get it done Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
TY Report
Awesome! Thank you! Report
Summarized: alternate walking and light jogging/jogging/running for 25 min. Report
Interesting article. I am a walker and have not gotten into running. Report
thank you! I'm gonna do it. Report
While I understand that SP being free has to get revenue from somewhere, not only is there no discount for Sparkers, after hearing Jillian go off against keto even for short term use or to lose weight, I am not a fan. Surely ppl who are grossly obese & can follow keto to lose lots of weight are better off. So much less strain on the heart as well as the rest of the body. Once the pounds are gone then one can transition to learning maintenance. Her attitude is not supportive of the many folks being helped. BTW, I do not follow keto but would consider it if I hit a major plateau. I hope that SP will stay away from Ms Michaels. 🐨 Report
Absolutely great Report
Good! thank you Report
@Aging_Hippie I think the difference is in the intensity of the jogging. The Beginner calls for a "Light Jog", while the advanced just says "Jog." My question would be are the first two entries supposed to both be "Fast Walk." It seems that it should be "Walk" (to warm up, matching the cool down at the end) then "Fast Walk". Report
Am I missing something or are both workouts identical? even though one says Advanced? it has the same overl time, and the intervals from start to finish are exactly the same? Report
Great article Report
will be trying this Report
Good interval work!! Report
Interesting Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Going to try this. Have always thought longingly about being a runner but there have been significant barriers. Report
thank you Report
thanx Report
thanks Report
I am a walker, not a runner. Report
Great article! Report
Don’t think I’ll get any better with this bum knee I’ve got. Report
I don't know what to think about this article. I have done this routine and I don't run any faster, longer, better. I could be that one recipe isn't fit for everyone. Report
This article makes me wish that I could run again Report
Thanks! Report
thank you Report
Thanks for the info Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
TY - I'll give it a go. Report
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thanks Report
Can't wait to get back into running. Even if I'm a slow runner I still enjoy my time. Report
good article Report
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Great article Report
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Great ?? Report
Good article!!! Report
I'm a runner and what I love about this sport is that it make me feel good about myself. Report
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