Review: Made in the USA Workout Clothes--and Win $50 to Buy Some!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Growing up, I was quite the fashionista. I kept a list of the clothes I wore in a notebook so as to not repeat outfits too often. I spent my baby-sitting money on the latest trends. I spent hours scouring fashion magazines.

After college, I worked in offices where business casual was de rigueur. Heels, skirts or trousers, nice shirts and dresses made up the bulk of my wardrobe. Each morning I did my hair, put on makeup, ironed a nice outfit and headed to the office.

Since coming to work at SparkPeople 3 1/2 years ago, my wardrobe has done a 180. Not only have I lost 20 pounds, which means most of those old business casual clothes have been swapped or donated, but our office puts the "casual" in business casual. Jeans and sweaters, t-shirts and shorts, and even yoga gear is acceptable most days. (I do dress up when I have meetings or guests in the office.)

The bulk of my wardrobe is workout gear and activewear, which is very convenient for my fit and active life. I don’t buy many fancy outfits, I stopped wearing high heels when I got serious about running, and I save money by not allowing myself to buy clothes I'll rarely wear.

I set up a monthly clothing budget, and I spend the bulk of it on yoga clothes. I practice six mornings a week, I teach regularly and I wear yoga clothes to work and on weekends. I want my clothing to last, and I want it to look good, too.

As you know, SparkPeople has teamed up with Their customers will be introduced to SparkPeople in various places on the ActivewearUSA site, and we're sharing some of their favorite brands with you--along with $50 gift cards. ActivewearUSA boasts most of the top brands in fitness apparel and accessories, in a variety of price points. They test every product before they agree to sell it, so you know that the products are quality. Disclosure: SparkPeople is an affiliate, which means that we earn a small bit of money if you buy something from their site using the links we provide. This is one of the ways that SparkPeople is able to remain 100% free.

Today is the first of six review posts we have planned over the next couple of months. Each of the companies sent us products to review, free of charge.

Practicing most mornings of the week makes for a lot of dirty clothes! Practices last up to 90 minutes, and the movement never stops, so I have mandatory criteria for my yoga clothes:
  • Must be tanks and crops (in winter) or shorts with 5"-7" inseam (summer--because I'm 5' 10", I can't wear shorts that are any shorter than 5" in the inseam)
  • Must wick sweat effectively
  • Must stay in place--no tanks that roll up, expose the tummy during inversions or ride up when I move
  • Must look cute!
  • Only black bottoms to prevent sweat from showing; tops can be any color except white or cream
I'm picky, but I don't need to be distracted by my clothing. I recently tried out two items of clothing from NUX USA. I hadn't heard of the brand before ActivewearUSA sent me the sample pieces, but I am already a huge fan! Their products are high quality and made in the USA. Their prices are less than designer yoga duds for products that honestly seem as good or better than the big-name brands. NUX USA only sent two items to test, but I wish they had sent more because I loved everything I wore.

I really like their "NUXOLOGY":

To be pro peace and anti nothing.
To lead with my heart and follow with my mind.
To honor humility and be humbled by honorable people.
To choose to dance through life with all of my imperfections.
To cultivate compassion for the world by having compassion for myself.

So what about the clothes? (And that giveaway!) 

NUX USA Breathe Y-Tank #T383: This light compression level Breathe tank is designed to do just that, breathe. $47 (I tried Lilac Rose; available in 6 colors)

My fellow yoginis couldn't believe how well this wicked sweat. We're usually drenched by the end of a practice, but the shirt was quite dry despite my soggy hair and shorts (not by NUX).  I wore a size small, which is my usual size. The fit was snug (it didn't move during my practice) but not constricting in any way. I LOVE the mesh inserts, and the comfy racerback. I want more of these!

NUX USA V-Fitness Crop Pants #P064 Medium rise straight leg crops, features our proprietary "V" waistband that offers support, and a soft cotton-feel. $54

Remember my rule about "only black bottoms"? I don't break it. So I wouldn’t wear these to practice yoga. That said, I liked the crops I tried from NUX. They were quite tight (NUX products are meant to have a certain amount of compression to provide support.) but I liked wearing them after a run with my compression socks. I wore a size small (I usually wear a small or medium), and they were snug but not uncomfortable. I have also worn these while doing other workouts: strength training and walking. The capris were comfortable and stayed in place--no shifting.

I liked these products so much that I think I am going to treat myself to a pair of the NUX USA V-Fitness Shorts #P262: Extra soft cotton-feel, medium rise and the support from our exclusive "V" waist design makes these medium rise shorts ideal for any workout.

NUX USA products fit my body well, and I really like that they're made in the USA. My boyfriend seeks out companies that are Made in the USA, and he plans to buy some of their gear (via as well.
Want to try NUX USA products for yourself (or anything else you like that sells)? Each time we review products sold on, we'll be giving away two $50 gift cards to two lucky readers! To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today!
Feel free to join the conversation at

Does "Made in the USA" matter to you? Which NUX USA products would you buy if you win the contest?

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Their site is for people who have high paying good jobs and don't mind spending that kind of money on clothes. I've never in my life paid $100 dollars for any piece of clothing I own. Clothes just don't hold that much value or last that long to let hours of my work (when I was working) be spent that way. I've found clothes and workout clothes of quality for much less. Report
Very expensive, made in America is great. but very expensive I can't afford anything on their site. I don't have a job and even if I did I couldn't see spending $100 dollars on a pair of workout pants. Report
Well here's my 2 cents worth, like a lot of others i would have loved to have seen larger sizes too. I know that if i am looking at something made in America i will be paying more but that's because we have a higher standard of living then they have in India and Thiland and because sweat shops are against the law here so i am willing to pay more in order to support our country and hopefully keep some jobs here.
but they need to include larger sizes and clothes with a little more coverage. I am not going to the gym for a hook up. Report
I am even less impressed with this information now than I was the first time it was blogged about. I had checked out the site and products and read other comments too. Apart from the fact that its a great effort to provide jobs within the US market, its not something to write home about.
No larger sizes and those prices!!! In this economical climate, with people still losing their jobs, homes and needing to rely on food banks...?
Big pass... Report
I really sweat when working out. I wear tanks and crops most of the time, long pants only in middle of winter. No Tees, too hot. These sound good and Made in USA, too. Hard to find products made here. I hope I win, could really use some new workout clothing since I lost 40#. Report
I'm willing to pay more for made in the USA. I like to look good as I workout.HOWEVER, I am a plus sized woman (albeit a much smaller plus sized woman) and it really bugs me that I couldn't fond anything on that whole website for women like me. There are many, many heavy women working hard to get smaller but who don't want to look like they are in their husband's clothes at the gym. Why not find a manufacturer or merchant who has something to promote for us. This is really hard on the self esteem of all of us who need bigger sizes. Report
Whoo hoo! Report
I'm willing to pay more for anything made in the USA, but these clothes are out of my range for workout clothes. I may keep checking back for sales. Would love to see some workout shorts and pants that go to the waist instead of low rise. I still have a belly to get rid of, don't like it hanging out! Report
yeah us bigger boys need cloths too, along as the women, everyone does cater to the skinny ones, we want to be skinny too, and have decent cloths!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Report
I was thinking as I read will there be anything over size 16, I never even thought about the guys. Most of these companies only cater to the already slim people. I know from experience as a seamstress. Guys and round bodies are much more difficult to fit but that excludes a huge percentage of active people . Report
A number of people have said it but I'll chime in - Where are the clothes for plus sized people! Report
these clothes look great! Report
I don't live in the USA! I like to buy things produced locally in my country. Report
Ok I just checked out their site and there are absolutely NO plus sizes! Unless of course they consider size 12-14 plus size, and that is simply laughable! I want them to go to any plus size store and see what plus sizes really are!!! I am sick and tired of not being able to find work out clothes, do all these clothes makers just think that heavy people do not want to exercise and just stay the weight we are?! Report
Well, they go up to XL. That doesn't really qualify as "plus-sized". Certainly geared for the thin group! Report
If I won, I would want/need to buy plus-sized active-wear. If they have something that will actually fit, look decent, and not run 2 sizes smaller. I don't understand why the world wants us to lose weight, but doesn't want us to have cute, motivating clothes to do it in. I may not look great in a yoga outfit, but I feel much more comfortable,and I'm more mindful about my posture and sucking in my belly, when exercising in something more fitted. The belts/cables fit better too, and I am more mindful of my waistline. I can feel what is going on. I don't want to wear baggie sweats, baggie t-shirts, nor a moo moo to work out in. It only makes us look bigger than we are. We need fitted clothing too. Not super tight spandex, but simple, cute clothes like Danskin makes and sells at Walmart, 2 sizes smaller than what they are supposed to be.

I am still plus sized, but my body has shaped up and toned up quite nicely. I can see my waistline again, I have visible small muscles, my butt has shaped up really nice, and I feel good in fitted active wear. Not tight, no rolls being highlighted, but just fitted, comfy clothing.

I'll check it out. I prefer to buy American made, especially if it is decent quality!!

Thank you!! Report
The country of origin is extremely important to me, and I am definitely willing to pay more for US made items. However, they'd better be entirely produced in the US, not just one or two components. Otherwise, I don't feel the pricing is justified. Report
Made in USA is VERY important to me and I always look for it on labels; however, I have to balance my commitment to buying USA Made with the need to pay my bills. Sadly, most things made here are 3 times the price as imports. Report
What "Plus Sizes" are you talking about? you surely are Joking! I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon pouring over the website and found no such thing. Their idea of "plus" was exactly one size xl jacket $150. I about choked on my bicuspids. I'm talking about needing 2x or 3x (22-26) yoga pants as being "plus size". I'd have to lose at least 50 pounds maybe 75 just to get into their Large size!!! Report
love the clothes.. love that they are from the USA.. but dont love the fact that i cant fit in any.. :( Report
I'm sure these clothes are wonderful...but what about workout clothes for tall, fat girls??? Report
I would so love to see what "good quality yoga clothes" feel like. I live in the south, so maybe that's why I'm just not willing to spend 100 bucks on a pair of yoga pants; but, it seems like any piece of clothing I have searched for online containing the word "yoga" is jacked up in price as to what it should cost by about 75%! So, meanwhile, I tuck in my tank top so that nothing flies up (or down) while in a tripod stand, and wear my $12.99 "yoga" pants from Walmart. They seem to do the trick just fine! Report
While I'm thrilled Spark can derive some income from this company I would also like to hear about Made in USA companies that have LARGER SIZES.... $47 for a tank top? Wow....even if it fit I wouldn't be able to afford that. I'd like to see a company promoted that actually caters to the "true" plus-size woman/man at a price we could afford. In the meantime I will continue to wear sweatpants and t-shirts.... Report
Thanks for the review! Although their clothes aren't in my budget, I do like hearing about quality clothes. Report
love that this product is "made in the U.S.A." Report
There was a time when I always looked for the Union label and only bought made in the USA items. I was a garment worker then, and eventually our Union shop closed due to imports, and I learned that if ANY portion of manufacturing is done in the USA, the garment can wear a 'made in the USA' label. This means that the garment need only be cut here and assembled anywhere in the world and still wear the label. I now baut mostly from the Salvation Army, and if I am buying new, I stick with a label that has worked well for me in the past. Report
Great. More workout clothes for skinny people. *yawn*
There's nothing to keep Canadians from ordering online from an American company. It's one small way we could help them through this financial crisis. I like the clothes! Report
The clothes are cute but I agree with others; I don't have a budget to spend $50 on a shirt and even more than that on pants. Report
would love to buy USA, would love even more if they had something for what everyone considers a plus sized girl. I would love to find something with all over body support. Hmmm, maybe us girls should get together and design it and start our own company, I see a lot of support for it! Report
I love yoga and the movable, breathable material works great. However I'm really self-conscious about what I wear so some of the workout gear I wear at home only. When buying workout close the trick for me is to feel comfortable is to get a size or two bigger than I usually need. What is a size but just a number anyway, so I don't worry about ordering bigger. I checked the sizes on Activewear and I can wear them, so they are good for me. Also, I like wearing pants and the shorter ones are great, keeps from getting in the way when working out,or if just wearing around I won't have to hem them. Report
Great post, I'm excited for Spark and it sounds like a great company (made in the USA, etc). However, I'm on a budget and I can't afford to pay $50 a pop just for workout clothes. Sorry. Report
Made in the USA..I LOVE that! I'm really picky about my active wear because it's important to me to feel cute (adds to my confidence level) and I sweat alot so wicking is important. I'm continually losing, but I still work to do before I can wear a lot of things, so of course my clothes can't be too tight. WOW there a lot of options on and it was hard to only pick a couple of items, but my favorite, and what I would buy if I won is the Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra #1017 and Body Angel Activewear Martina Long Top #0961. Talk about cute! And with a purpose! Can't beat that! Report
I love the Made in the USA part but am disappointed that the Plus sizes don't seem to be available (or are just hard to find). I typically wear a size 16 or XL but have had the worst luck finding tops. I am picky too and with my large waist it's impossible to find a tank that doesn't ride up while I'm working out so I am always in tee's. Hopefully, the plus sizes will soon be there and be accomodating for those of us that are. Just because we are plus size doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to find workout clothes -afterall, we are losing weight and trying to get into those smaller sizes but we gotta start somewhere :) Report
Does "Made in the USA" matter to you?

Yes. Are the fabrics and raw materials used to make the clothing also produced in the USA? This is also important to me. Report
Made in the USA is uber important to me...I'm always on the lookout for US made items when making a purchase! I share the mantra "buy USA" with everyone I know! Report
Made in the USA is the most important part to me! I'm so glad to finally find a company that does this. I hate paying premium price for my active wear when I know they paid bottom price for labor in China. I'm willing to pay a little more to buy clothing that is US made. Thanks! Report
Made in the USA? You bet!! This is a great website with clothes for all sports; fabulous. I would look at the running skirts, dance pants for Zumba and some for Yoga as well. I like the idea of always wearing black on the bottom too! Thanks! Report
Made in the USA is a great and increasingly hard to find option. Report
Made in USA does matter to me! I believe we need to start buying products made right here in our own country, but that are also constructed well (we all know there are a lot out there that aren't). If I won the contest, I would try the "Breathe" tank, the Doce Vida crop top, or the Green Apple crop leggings. So many choices! Report
Too bad they don't have plus sizes. The largest size I saw on the website was equivalent to a 16 ... I'm an 18. Report
I think I would get the high waist capris for the added support. I really don't like the low waist pants. Report
Made in the USA definately matters to me! I was also happy to read that this company will be carrying more plus size clothes because, hey, even though we want to get smaller we want to look good in the process, right?

I would probably look at tops/tanks for Pilates Yoga and general workouts. Report
Thank you for the review as being a newbie to yoga, I am always having problems with my pants rolling down. I don't think anyone needs to see what I've got going on. I'm a size 16 so the NUX will not work, any other suggestions? Report
I'm really short (5'0"), so I'm the complete opposite of your requirements. I'm all about the shorter shorts and tops ... Just so it could look "normal" on me. =)

As for workout clothes, I'm mostly picky about the seams, which leads to itchiness, scratchiness and rashes when they are done cheaply and without thought to the athlete. Therefore, all the cheap stuff goes out the window! The only brand I can wear comfortably is Nike and some Under Armour. Everything else makes me completely miserable during my workouts. Report
I would try the crop pants but not too tight because I don't think at my weight that they would be flattering. Report
Any clothes for people who are not a size 10? :-( Report
I'm jealous. Am suffering with vertigo right now, so couldn't begin to do that delightful pose in the picture, but it looks so relaxing and comfortable.

'Made in the U.S.A.' matters absolutely. Happy to know others are aware of how important it is.

You're lucky that you can wear these clothes to work. I would go for the tank and crop pants if I won. Too expensive otherwise. Why ARE exercise clothes SO expensive?

Thanks for the chance to win and the blog. Report
Great blog, but you're forgetting about the boys that are on sparkpeople too! Are there any blog writers who can suggest a good place to get workout clothes for guys that you don't have to swim in??? Report
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