Review: Made in the USA Workout Clothes--and Win $50 to Buy Some!

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Growing up, I was quite the fashionista. I kept a list of the clothes I wore in a notebook so as to not repeat outfits too often. I spent my baby-sitting money on the latest trends. I spent hours scouring fashion magazines.

After college, I worked in offices where business casual was de rigueur. Heels, skirts or trousers, nice shirts and dresses made up the bulk of my wardrobe. Each morning I did my hair, put on makeup, ironed a nice outfit and headed to the office.

Since coming to work at SparkPeople 3 1/2 years ago, my wardrobe has done a 180. Not only have I lost 20 pounds, which means most of those old business casual clothes have been swapped or donated, but our office puts the "casual" in business casual. Jeans and sweaters, t-shirts and shorts, and even yoga gear is acceptable most days. (I do dress up when I have meetings or guests in the office.)

The bulk of my wardrobe is workout gear and activewear, which is very convenient for my fit and active life. I don’t buy many fancy outfits, I stopped wearing high heels when I got serious about running, and I save money by not allowing myself to buy clothes I'll rarely wear.

I set up a monthly clothing budget, and I spend the bulk of it on yoga clothes. I practice six mornings a week, I teach regularly and I wear yoga clothes to work and on weekends. I want my clothing to last, and I want it to look good, too.

As you know, SparkPeople has teamed up with Their customers will be introduced to SparkPeople in various places on the ActivewearUSA site, and we're sharing some of their favorite brands with you--along with $50 gift cards. ActivewearUSA boasts most of the top brands in fitness apparel and accessories, in a variety of price points. They test every product before they agree to sell it, so you know that the products are quality. Disclosure: SparkPeople is an affiliate, which means that we earn a small bit of money if you buy something from their site using the links we provide. This is one of the ways that SparkPeople is able to remain 100% free.

Today is the first of six review posts we have planned over the next couple of months. Each of the companies sent us products to review, free of charge.

Practicing most mornings of the week makes for a lot of dirty clothes! Practices last up to 90 minutes, and the movement never stops, so I have mandatory criteria for my yoga clothes:
  • Must be tanks and crops (in winter) or shorts with 5"-7" inseam (summer--because I'm 5' 10", I can't wear shorts that are any shorter than 5" in the inseam)
  • Must wick sweat effectively
  • Must stay in place--no tanks that roll up, expose the tummy during inversions or ride up when I move
  • Must look cute!
  • Only black bottoms to prevent sweat from showing; tops can be any color except white or cream
I'm picky, but I don't need to be distracted by my clothing. I recently tried out two items of clothing from NUX USA. I hadn't heard of the brand before ActivewearUSA sent me the sample pieces, but I am already a huge fan! Their products are high quality and made in the USA. Their prices are less than designer yoga duds for products that honestly seem as good or better than the big-name brands. NUX USA only sent two items to test, but I wish they had sent more because I loved everything I wore.

I really like their "NUXOLOGY":

To be pro peace and anti nothing.
To lead with my heart and follow with my mind.
To honor humility and be humbled by honorable people.
To choose to dance through life with all of my imperfections.
To cultivate compassion for the world by having compassion for myself.

So what about the clothes? (And that giveaway!) 

NUX USA Breathe Y-Tank #T383: This light compression level Breathe tank is designed to do just that, breathe. $47 (I tried Lilac Rose; available in 6 colors)

My fellow yoginis couldn't believe how well this wicked sweat. We're usually drenched by the end of a practice, but the shirt was quite dry despite my soggy hair and shorts (not by NUX).  I wore a size small, which is my usual size. The fit was snug (it didn't move during my practice) but not constricting in any way. I LOVE the mesh inserts, and the comfy racerback. I want more of these!

NUX USA V-Fitness Crop Pants #P064 Medium rise straight leg crops, features our proprietary "V" waistband that offers support, and a soft cotton-feel. $54

Remember my rule about "only black bottoms"? I don't break it. So I wouldn’t wear these to practice yoga. That said, I liked the crops I tried from NUX. They were quite tight (NUX products are meant to have a certain amount of compression to provide support.) but I liked wearing them after a run with my compression socks. I wore a size small (I usually wear a small or medium), and they were snug but not uncomfortable. I have also worn these while doing other workouts: strength training and walking. The capris were comfortable and stayed in place--no shifting.

I liked these products so much that I think I am going to treat myself to a pair of the NUX USA V-Fitness Shorts #P262: Extra soft cotton-feel, medium rise and the support from our exclusive "V" waist design makes these medium rise shorts ideal for any workout.

NUX USA products fit my body well, and I really like that they're made in the USA. My boyfriend seeks out companies that are Made in the USA, and he plans to buy some of their gear (via as well.
Want to try NUX USA products for yourself (or anything else you like that sells)? Each time we review products sold on, we'll be giving away two $50 gift cards to two lucky readers! To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today!
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Does "Made in the USA" matter to you? Which NUX USA products would you buy if you win the contest?