Our Healthy Recipes App Gets a Facelift and New Features!

By , Healthy Recipes App Lover, Cook Extraordinaire
Hello to all Healthy Recipe app users!

Starting today, if you’re on an Apple device, can use our totally redesigned Healthy Recipes app. This new design might be old hat for some of our Android users since they’ve had the design for about a month, but today iOS app users get it too. It’s our biggest redesign to our recipe app in years. Every change we made to the app was done to make it faster, easier to use and prettier to look at--and the many of the changes came from your suggestions. It’s a good day. :)

Let’s talk about the changes to the newest version of our Healthy Recipes app:

The biggest change you’ll notice right away is the look and feel of the app. Because the recipes are easier to read and nicer to look at, you can get a better idea about the recipes while browsing them. The images are bigger, and we show you the calories per serving and the time it will take to make the recipes, right there on the picture. This will save you time: If you’re only looking for recipes that you can make in 10 minutes or less, you won’t have to click into each recipe to see if it fits--you can just search for recipes that sound good and scan down the results until you find exactly what you want.

The second thing you’ll notice is how much faster the app is to use. It’s easier to get around the app and recipes load faster. Our team did a good deal of work on the back end of the app to speed up your experience and it shows. While you can’t see these changes, you’ll definitely notice them. :)

Finally, we did add something else many of you have been asking about for awhile: a shopping list. You can now add any recipe to your shopping list by clicking the red button at the bottom of the recipe and we’ll arrange all the ingredients for you in an easy-to-use list that you can take with you to the store. You’re going to love this--it’s one of our office’s favorite new features.

We also removed two items: Our conversion tools section and our “how-to” cooking videos. Most of our members didn’t use these parts of the app, so we decided to unclutter it a bit by getting rid of them. For those of you who want to see the videos, you can find them here: https://recipes.sparkpeople.com/videos-home.asp

We hope you love the newest version of our Healthy Recipes app as much as we do! And if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can find it here.