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I had to see what the article about England banning 'obesity' was all about. How entertaining, and somewhat asinine that they would consider banning use of the word 'obesity' because it is offensive. If we take the sting and stigma out of a controllable 'disease' then we also reduce the accountability for the condition. Especially since they are mainly concerned about how this affects obese children. Consider spending their money on educating these same children and their parents of the dangers of the conditions and what can be done to change it.

I was never a fat or obese child. But when I was told I was morbidly obese at 356 lbs., it was the word 'morbid' (which to me means repulsive as well as lethal) paired with the word 'obese' that was the sobering wake-up call I needed. These conditions can sneak up on you. Let's not coddle those affected.

I have great compassion for the obese as I was one and still fight some of the tendencies that got me to that point, but we have to figure out how to show some tough love in this regard, especially when it comes to our children. Report
The article on Iman's daughter was refreshing and real. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about her experience. We don't often talk about the psychological aspects of weight loss.......and how friends and loved ones can actually be threatened by it without knowing they are sabotaging you. Report
The best way I have found to flatten my abs standing up is to work out with Leslie Sansone. On one DVD 5 Day Slim Down: A Mile Each Morning one of the miles is entitled Trim Your Tummy. Nearly all of her recent DVDs have some type of what she calls "tummy tuck" I do notice a difference in my abs and core. Her 3 Mile Flat Belly Walk is great, too. At the end you actually get down on the floor and do some bicycles. Report
I really enjoyed the article about Iman's daughter. Report
6 Best Seafood Options & Iman's Daughter, both good articles Report
Flatten your Abs - Standing up. Good one for summer Report
Flatten your Ads-Standing Up & Obesity to be banned... Report
I read the one about Iman's daughter Report
That roasted broccoli sounded good but the oatmeal raisin bar sounded even better. Report
The article about Iman's daughter was very interesting. I really don't know what to make of the article about "obesity", in part because it's seems to be a third hand source reporting the story. On the face of it, it seems a little odd, but I need more first hand information. Especially in light of Nan LT's information on the newspaper that first printed the information. Report
The April 12 New York Times Magazine article by Gretchen Reynolds, "Weighing the Evidence on Exercise" caught my attention this weekend. It was a very interesting read. Report
Not using the word OBESE is just stupid. It is the medical term for someone who is fat. This is a serious problem for today's kids. Report
Banning the word obese is, quite simply, STUPID. It's not even about being PC, because Obese is already the PC/Scientific Term!! Now, if the official term was "Giant flabby nasty fatass," then I could see banning the term for something more tasteful. But banning the word 'obese,' really? PUH-LEASE. Report
I love the sound of the healthy toast toppings-what a great idea Report
I do hate the overuse of politically correct speech. And the idea of banning the use of the word "obese" because it might have a negative effect on someone's self esteem right up there.

The author of that article though needed to double check his source. The "newspaper" he quoted is right up there when it comes to sensationalising and building a mountain out of an ant hill.

These has been no call to ban the use of the word obese in England. They might be discussing it up in Liverpool, but that is merely 1 city in England. It's like saying they're talking about banning the word obese in Los Angeles, and extrapolating that to say it's being talked about for the whole of the USA. Report
I loved the article on Iman's daughter. And I agree w/ her observation on men when it comes to approaching women @ pre-weight loss vs. post-weight loss. Being heavier DEFINITELY serves as an advantage - it's as if our weight serves as a buffer and helps weed out the less dersirable of the male species. *lol* Report
I am all about flattening my abs. If only I could get them to cooperate. =) Report
Loved, loved, loved the 6 Best Seafood Options blog along with the Best Broccolli Recipe blog!
Thank you! Report
Iman's daughter's story was great, I enjoyed it. And it bought up a point that I was making to my exercise buddy this morning - When you lose weight - life will not change automatically, it would be the same - same problems, issues and joys. You just look better living it!!!

That story about obesity was strange. When I was in school, the kids would tease me with saying "Fatty Bully" or "Fatty" they would not say "Obese girl" or "Obesee" They should forcus on dealing with the overweight epidemic and not look at words cause no matter what you will be teased once you are heavier than every one else!!! Report
I enjoyed the interview with Iman's daughter. Report
I cannot believe they're banning use of the word "obese" in England. I think part of the obesity problem is people don't know they're obese. I had no idea I was until I lost the weight. It was horrific to come to that realization. I wish someone had told me sooner because it would have been the jolt I needed to start losing weight long before then.

I also liked reading Iman's daughter's blog. It was great to see that obesity affects everyone, regardless of their station in life. Kudos to her for making a positive lifestyle change. Report
Thanks for including the review on "Run Like A Mother". It sounds great and I added to my list of books to read. Report
Great article about Iman's daughter. Report
I liked all the articles. I'd really like to get the "Run like a Mother" book especially. Lots of interesting ideas here, & that broccoli recipe looks great. I also loved the positive review on the spark. I am still reading & rereading my book. Report
The article about flattening your abs standing up is one I am interested in. I have back problems, so laying down on the floor to exercise is difficult for me.

The broccoli recipe sounds good too! Report
I had read the article by Iman's daughter when it originally appeared in Glamour. Her observation about men at the end of the article was most enlightening.

The flatten your abs standing up article sounded intriguing, but the poor descriptions of each move rendered the article basically useless.

The article on banishing the word onesity in England bothered me - it is just a word after all and no matter what you call me, fat/obese/rotund ... I am all of the above. The stigma comes with the negativity that people associate with the word. Are we going to stop using the word red to describe the color because it has been associated with Communism over the years? Report
Flatten your Abs-Standing Up Report
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